DLC and equips stats

Hi everyone !
Let s talk about some armors like Wolf helm ( sipta ) and spider gloves and boots ( sipta too ). Those equips with high points atack and encumbrance is only way to do hight Op build . In this case ALL players using the same itens tô make a build no have sense purchase DLC to use in character only to make Nice builds . The old system armor is great you ser players using favorite gear and not ALL using same set . I know is really cool some set part give one more point at normal but 9 each is punk!
Myself is looking at to people of dragon but no have sense purchase i no use this gear on pvp. O know too DLC os only cosmetic but need be costemtic useful close build or use Nice weapon .
Think about guys .
No do advanced in game but be option to do a competive gearset.
See tava friends

Those are Siptah only items and Exlied Lands do not have access. So there isn’t a power issue of the DLC because it is only in that specific DLC that you can do this. You can play cheesy and min/max your attributes to make the perfect killing machine but look like Rupaul that shopped at Goodwill or you can gain minor bonuses and style it…it’s up to you. But actual fighting PvP isn’t anything…in fact it distracts from the strategy of the game. I’m not going in to fight you…I’m going in to distract you while my clan mates empty your base. You can have all the bragging rights in the world about how great you were against me…while I enjoy your tempersmith and the supplies.

You speak so much but miss so Far real sense of post .

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