For better gameplay

Could we get all the things that were nerfed into the ground un nerfed so we can play with different builds use the armor set we like and weapons we prefer instead of using the same build and weapons as everyone else just cuz its the only builds worth using and that actually works when i play games like this i like to play with everything use everything till i find what best fits my play style not just fall in line with every other person that plays id also like for end game gear to actually be better than a random set i can make i wanna enjoy the pve aspect of the game not stunned till im dead or i cant solo a boss cuz im not putting out enough damage i think it would also be nice to have a higher lvl cap so i can build up a character that doesn’t just rely on having two perks at a decent lvl just to survive and do ok damage to something that can wipe my health bar in a couple of attacks if im not in heavy armor i dont know about most people but i dont wanna solo a boss for 30 mins and getting no where while having to use up all my healing items for just one skeleton key or just one boss item

I suggest using a endgame thrall like Captain from Sepermaru. I just use the legion armor and Telis 2H with Frostbite bow for pulls. Captain holds aggro pretty good and if you arm him with Flawless gear and Epic weapons, your boss fights turn into ten minutes tops. I also hit him with heal arrows after each fight. Perks him right back up. I’ve also used my Encimbrance and Cimmerisn outfits depending on location. What I wear and use isn’t nearly as important as the dude tanking. I change my weapon choices based on the bosses.

Yea but ima dark souls player i wanna be able to dodge and actually not get hit while being able to fully solo a boss without needing a thrall or clan members there just so its faster to me if i cant solo why try to do it

Poison arrows are a go to in a boss fight just remember your sandstorm mask drop down some foundations to climb on and set a bedroll on it. And tear down foundations after. Good luck.

I dont play to cheese everything i wanna use a build i made myself and actually fight the boss definitely cant use specific things to make a build id like since wat i like gets nerfed the next day also latest update made it unplayable to melee builds idk wat they were trying to fix but they seriously need to test updates before releasing it

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