My builds so far

So you need a build? Looking to make a pact with the undead? Or just knowledge hungry.

Bryan Skull: This is my personal build.

30 strength,vitality and encumbrance.
25 grit

The bard: No weapon your enemy.

20 in all but encumbrance.
27 in encumbrance.

The worker: Hard labor for life.

5 in vitality and grit.
50 in encumbrance.
30 in survival.

Archer: Shoot through the heart.

40 in accuracy.
25 in vitality and encumbrance.
22 in grit.

Barbarian: Two dead enemies One swing.

50 in strength.
20 in vitality and grit.
10 in encumbrance.

Catwoman: Yummy raw fish!

20 in strength and encumbrance.
23 in vitality.
30 in agility and grit.
10 in survival.

Batman: Is that Robin over there?

30 in strength,agility and grit.
25 in vitality.

Survival expert: We out lived our team. Hurry eat the dead to survive!

20 in strength,vitality and grit.
22 in encumbrance.
40 in survival.

My work around build:

Str - 30
Agl - 10
Vit - 40
Acc - 00
Grt - 10
Enc - 25
Srv - 00

This is my “Wtf is that Chris Kyle, the American Sniper???” build.

Vit: 20+leftover
Grit: 10
Enc: 20

(Buffs required)

It’s fun asf sniping and one shotting people with this build. I actually made someone rage quit off the server by sniping them from on top of a mountain and then jumping in to steal their remaining mats after I had wiped the billions of bases they had.


Lazy Modern Farmer build.

41 Enc

20 Vit

20 Grit

20 Survival

Str = leftover points… something like 9.

Not divulging my phalanx/ heavy archer build. But I will say 50 acc, 50 Str… makes you and other people quite soft and squishy… Black Ice javs have 54 base dmg. :shushing_face:

The caluator was wrong 383 is max stat points. Not 390.

Can I get a moderator to close topic please. Two reasons those whom post don’t have serious legal build and I was given false data.

Husband has to keep wife alive build:

Str 37
Agl 20
Vit 31
Grt 20
Enc 10

Leaves one point
An Str potion or war paint brings it to 40
Vit armor bring it to 40

No strenght potionn or warpaint!!! Too expensive…
Get crimson lotus with a sicle… put in grinder (the lotus , not the sicle, xd), eat tthe dust (10 pieces at once), drink a set potionn ( only if u want to remove drunkness debuffs), enjoy +3 strength AND + 3 vitality…
Or eat the rare fish that gives strenght

:slight_smile: :slight_smile: save the glass for a greener server :pp

It’s enough if you only eat five. :wink:


That would certainly explain some things.

lol was a nice one! i am soooooo excited when i eat the dust that i click 10 times before my brain gets the info that 5 is ok! besides, if u do not get pissed, what is the point ???XDDDDD

heads up for the info!


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If one does not insult me, I don’t get pissed that easily :wink:

The point of what? Of just eat 5 and not 10 piles of red powder?
-> it’s all about “to not count as a full junkie.” :grin:

I make my war paint for free, Me is thinking that does not cost a lot. Cept time to make them.

You loot places like the summoning place and camps and get war paints.
Grind them up, use the parts with the stuff you looted from Set City, Free.

Potions, you pick flowers, how hard can that be. But then you dont know Mrs Jones.

I meant the “you got pissed” message we get in game just before the sknuu hwaaaa when we get drunk!!! :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

The attribute point calculation algorithm is pretty simple:

    private Int32 GetPointsForLevel(Int32 level)
        Int32 points = 0;
        Int32 gain = 1;
        for (Int32 i = 1; i <= level; i++)
            points += gain;
            if (i % 5 == 0) gain++;

        return points;

So Level 60 would yield 390 attribute points.

Those are not functional warpaints…

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Http:// was off by 7 points.

You are so darn stubborn.


Players are given a maximum of 390 Attribute Points once they are level 60 , to distribute amongst the attributes listed below.

Your statement is WRONG. Do not spread WRONG information. I am flagging your post.


It’s most likely just an unpatched bug:

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You missed the line where we grind them up (dismantle)and use the free materials to make the STR ones I use.

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