Suggestions for better gaming experience ps4

display for armors, surveillance routes for slaves

I could use a stand to display armor. We can display weapons, why not armor?

Don’t tell there’s a mod. I know there’s a mod. I play on PS4. Mods are no use to me.

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be neat if we could change our hairstyles and the color of our buildings and weapons.

Do you know anything about saddles?

I prefer stability and performance before new stuff is added so we actually can start PvPfor real on PS4. After seeing FlyHacks videos on youtube, it is so obvious how after we are in performance. Such massive clan fights are not possible on consoles today, not for me at least.

I play on a PS4 Pro with a very good internet and still can’t take a good PvP fight, barley follow clan members without performance lost/stuttering.

on issues of stability I had high hopes in this game, but every time I see it worse in that sense and right now I see it very far from getting to get it

Crucified thrall displays would be pretty awesome.

and more siege weapons

Battering ram for gates, eso did them well imo. The amount of people in the range of the battering ram would effect damage per strike.

I would really like to see some shortswords or large throwing knives that can be used in a dual wield combo with sword so you can finally have two sword dual wield. Id expect this to be entirely possiblewith the current setup for dual wielding throwing and melee. (Atleast a large throwing knife, dual swords would be preferred)

and more armors

I agree on that for sure, atleast have 5 sets of armor for each attribute. 2 that can be worn in cold , 2 for heat and one for mild weather. Having nothing for a strength cold set is a little depressing. Alternatively they could add resistance kits for armor that would flip the heat or cold resist of the selected armor piece.

would greatly improve the game with a system of alliances like the ark and a global written chat and a private one between alliances

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I think it’s bugged to be cold, I still have cold character even with snow clothes

Certain places its unavoidable from what I understand . In full flawless epic vanir I still get cold from time to time. Hopefully the solspeil I retrieved last night will put and end to it though.

I used to wear the armor of the legion of silence and it was not cold

Silent legion armor is heat resist armor so it should deffinetely make you cold. In fact it is the best in the game at resisting heat and the meta for volcano exploration.

I know hahaha, that’s why it was strange for me to go cold now, maybe It was bugged

To keep the suggestion ball rolling though, I’d like as previously expressed in another topic, more warpaints! A skull facepaint under my skelos hood would look pretty f’in sweet.That is odd, possibly a bug, I get cold everywhere in it lol.

I would like more ornaments, like huge statues, double doors and you can use more than one slave at a time.

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