DLC before fixing the game

Simple question why a dlc before you fix the game………

is that hard ………………

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It is two different programming teams (except a maybe a few cross over multi talented coders/artists).
DLC is mainly art team developers. Bugs are code writers. So unless there is a brand new code to go with DLC, those departments rarely can help each other.

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every dlc bring old/new bug…

in way those two different programming teams need to talk to each other …

its like the brain doesn talk to the rest…

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They do. but at the same time, most of the DLC cosmetics have had non game breaking bugs for the most part. As well, there is a balance to sustaining CE long term. How do you think Funcom pays both teams after 1 year of release? Sales in video games skew down over time. And to support the game they need money. so if art team has a DLC ready, and the code team sees no major bugs, they release to get more funds to continue paying everyone to fix bugs. DLC packs create new revenue, so spacing and releasing is part of the business model to give free game play content (new dungeons, mechanics, etc…) to every gamer.


What I really want to see fixed is the dissappearing thrall bodies within one nanosecond of you turning your back away. It’s annoying when your farming a relgion and you’re forced to always keep any dead thralls in sight at all times while fighting others. Its basically a dance around the dead thrall cause I don’t want to start searching for invisible dead bodies


It would be nice to see that fixed, yes. However, the field-of-view dance really isn’t necessary. If an important KO’d NPC vanishes, simply exit to the main menu and reconnect and you’ll find them napping where they fell. (Inconvenient for sure, but less apt to get you killed in a hectic melee.)

On PS4, logging off is a death sentence to your Conan night, because getting back on right now is a crap shoot on PVP :slight_smile:

You only need to unload the body and reload it. That can be done by relogging, but it can also be done by running a distance away and then coming back.

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Yeah that is annoying … but if you know vaguely where they died … Eg over near that hut … close to THAT rock… then randomly hitting the ground around the area with the religious tool until you strike the invisible body which will yield the religious item and human flesh … and then continue hitting in same place until a loot bag spawns for me is more efficient than logging out or running away out of render distance and returning (especially if things may be respawning behind me.)
Though recently I’ve taken to knocking everyone out and then using a binding to drag them on top of each other and then killing them whilst they are unconscious then harvesting them in bulk.

I suspect you don’t actually have any inside information regarding how Funcom’s developer teams cooperate or communicate, so you might want to consider how to express your feedback.

As WhatMightHaveBeen said, new content and fixing old content are not mutually exclusive, and at least the couple of hours I had time to play yesterday with the new DLC, I didn’t discover any new (or returning) bugs, so before we start pointing fingers at Funcom, how about specifying which bugs were caused by the new DLC, and which old but fixed bugs were returned with the DLC?

Our Artists who make the skins and new assets and the store/marketing department who update the stores for a new DLC don’t implement gameplay and they have nothing to do with bug fixing. They also have nothing to do with deciding anything game direction related.

There are two completely different departments working on the areas you mentioned.

To put the DLC vs Fixes into perspective:
We have not released a DLC since late last year (five months ago), while we have patched the game and addressed issues several times in the past months (we released 2 major patches with over 400 fixes, old content overhaul and additions, 8 hotfixes, and just now a new Testlive patch with a new dungeon and content. All that new content is free).

Also it’s tricky because “fixing the game” means something different to everyone.
There are far more things for us to spend our development time on than there is time, so we have to prioritize within the “fixing bug” category (and releasing a DLC has no impact on this). Having to prioritize always means leaving someone unhappy because someone will feel that we don’t prioritize something they feel strongly about, high enough. That’s unfortunately reality and while we certainly try, we can’t always make everyone happy.

If you have bugs you would like to report, please do not derail this thread. Instead check if the bug has been reported in another thread (or is on Trello) and if not, make a new thread with as much information you can provide as possible. We appreciate that :slight_smile:


I appreciate the DLC. Fixing the game is an ongoing process.


Can we please end with this discussion about very subjective opinions weather this great game with such complex features and content is fixed enough or not. It’s time to make the next step into new content. And as @Narelle already mentioned: bugfixing is an ongoing process in every game.

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Ahem Ahem… when old exploit come back after every patch there is something DLC means you ask for money for a game that old bug just reappear + you guys delete my post when whe talk about all exploit… very disapointing … do you think hiding exploit on forum will make them disappear??

Omg you got this game for free… ongoing process you probably play on a pve server or solo …

BiJay please let me know on witch server you are ill show you how ongoing process is fun…

I am playing on a PvP private dedicated server. Playing since first days of EA. Played before a lot on other PvP servers, can’t remember how many anymore. :thinking: Never played on PvE only Servers. Built many bases, castles, cities, playing a lot with mods, trying Modding by myself, supporting the game, the Devs , modders and Admins with tests, informations, ideas, suggestions. Let’s say I am not a „Yes but…“, more a „Why not…“ guy.

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Exploits are hard to fix and have nothing to do with DLCs being added.
This is our forum and we do NOT tolerate exploits being shared on our forum. That is a rule you agreed to while joining our forums as clearly stated in our community rules and guidelines.

We are working actively on exploits being fixed and work with players who help us in DMs and through exploit hunters. Exploits are high priority issues for us. Artists don’t fix exploits nor does anyone who is involved in creating and releasing DLCs.

And this is enough of discussion about this issue. You know the rules and I addressed your claim as have several others in this thread.
Locking this as there is really nothing more to be gained from this discussion :slight_smile: