Why? why more DLC?

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why not just fix the game and the dungeons you have already?
why do you guys at FC apply the eso method?!
you have a great game but you wont fix whats broken.
hwy wont you just fix the game at least to 90% and then release dlc and fixes WITHOUT breaking the rest

because dlc’s keep the ecosystem of the development going. aka, people need to get paid to keep working. i thought this was obvious.


They have been. And - zzzzzzzzzzzzz.


Speaking for myself ofc, new dlc? Fak yeah, here is money, give it pliz.


I’m not working for Funcom but I’m a software developper, so I have a deep heart responce to your questions: because someone has to pay for it.

For each day a software developper works on bugfixing his wage affects the profit margin of the product.

If you want official servers you need to pay the company hosting them. Each months.

If you want software developpers still working on bugfixing an year after game release you have to pay for their hours of work.

That’s why you’ll ever have regularly released DLCs until the game will be supported by Funcom.

And I’m glad of it because it’s the evidence Funcom still supports the game it released.


Speaking for myself and some others I know…


I am so exited to slap on that warpaint and running around slaughtering all I see, maybe even hear their women lamenting? :rofl::joy::rofl: :metal::smiling_imp:


I love the DLC releases…just saying.


haha, reminds me of the arguments on Quake Champions.
“moooore conteeeent, pffff, work on performance maaaan”

Meanwhile, some bright minds here and there never fail to tire to remind them… that ummm… the art team and the programmers are not the same :smile: What work the art team does will not affect the team working on performance and code :smile:

Everyone is a developer genius apparently though, yet they can’t understand the basic fundamentals of the simplest part of it. lol

I really love the game, but the problem with this game is the majority of the bugs should have been fixed a year ago. The way these types of companies operate these days is pitiful. I appreciate the dlc’s but I totally agree. Fix the game already.

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So, if I am a game developer, my best choice is to code a buggy game, to ensure I will have a job bugfixing it the next years?. Devious!


You know what makes it really hard to address bugs? No electricity.

quite aware of the difference.

but the issue remains unchanged if the coders dont do their jobs.
we brought more dlc to the game! but since we never fixed what was causing issues your new arts skins, placeable and pet//thralls will suffer the same fate since our team has not done a proper job at fixing broken stuff so they broke more stuff instead.

  • lava has not been seperated from water coding so npcs will still take a dive in the lava thinking its water.
  • dungeons are still a nightmare in fps rollercoaster mode
  • dungeons are still short, understandable for beginner dungeons like dregs… but above that…
  • the monster behavior scripts still remains primitive to the deepest roots of the ancestors of mmorpgs( eq mode scripting behavior)
  • we can still use the o so mighty fence. wall and graphic go through to nail monsters.

I see what you are saying. But seriously, how do you know if the coders aren’t doing their jobs? I mean… Seriously. How?

Im not saying they are. Im not saying they aren’t either. And, having experience on how long it takes sometimes for much less simpler crap that I myself do which is nowhere on the level of a game like this, I have to say, I honestly don’t know.

For all I know, they are working on things and they simply aren’t ready. It does take time you know.
How much it does or doesnt for this game, I am not one to know.

they have been there since early access. kind of hard to not noticed whats broken when you play for 2 years

They got bills to pay that’s why. Yes the game is incredibly buggy, but it’s amazing what the devs have done with a game as large as this, across three different platforms! Much larger studios struggle with much smaller online games (and much less fun) so I’d say Funcom has done an incredible job in such a short amount of time.

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ok, now I know that isnt true, even without being here from the start.

npc’s didnt dive in water period before a much later update. when I first bought the game around a month ago and saw NPC’s enter the water I was like “wow, finally, they now chase me through it! Cool!” Which wasnt the case even for the free weekend I tried it like 1 month before that.

In which time the new combat was added too.

Monster behaviour actually has been greatly changed. Again I dont know where you got that from. The new combat system also made changes, and I see plenty new animations and encounters with beasts.
Is it perfect? Nope. Nope nope. Still needs work. But, what you are implying is not true.

This is not coding. Its content. You were talking about coding. And on this I would say that yeah, probably that is a valid complaint if they have the artists work on other content instead of revamping the existing content.
Then again, we just got a new dungeon. And, they did kinda revamp most cities. So, they are taking care of content and dungeons.

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want a screen of my conan armors? only EA have those so far :wink:

a good player in my server tested lava and purges… out of all the waves only a hand full of npc didnt take a dive inthe lava.

you can still hide behind a wall. i only speak of what i tested. sry to break your bubble buddy.

Keep the DLC coming, thank you FC!!!

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Guys, should the art team sit back and turn their thumbs instead or be withdrawn to an other project? Would that be better in your opinion? If you are not pleased with the condition of the game or other things than just don’t buy it. Not a single line of code would be better today if the 3d/art team wouldn’t have made any dlc. Maybe we only no official server anymore. :man_shrugging:t3:

Because this last DLC is AWESOME?

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