DLC building sets auto β€”> optional

Suggestion: instead of having all the DLC building sets unlock when tier 3 is unlocked, thus massively cluttering the build menu, please change this so that the players may select which tier 3 set to upgrade to (then set all the other sets to zero cost but NOT unlocked).

Same with Siptah Tier 1 flotsam set vs default sandstone.

Select Flotsam OR sandstone for the base cost, then the other type remains locked but cost drops to 0.

Select a DLC T3 set OR the default, and the others remain locked but cost drops to 0.

It once any T1/T3 base/dlc set is unlocked, allow mix and match of the subsets. Example: Sandstone base set + Flotsam roof. Kitian base set + Yamatai gates + black ice stairs.

This would allow players to customize their build without massive cluttering their build menu.

Same with dlc weapon and armor sets. don’t auto unlock, but instead set them to zero cost once the required base skill is unlocked.


This will make my builder life a lot easyer. But i think this is very low priority for them.

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