DLC Crafting items own page

I would love to see separate crafting pages for all the DLC items. The crafting list is very long without the DLC and even longer now with the ability to unlock all the feats. I would suggest a separate page in the crafting menu for all the different DLC items. It could simply be locked for anyone that doesn’t have the DLC. Would really help cut down on the amount of scrolling required to get through the list. Sorry if this has already been suggested I could find a matching topic. I’m on PS4 btw.


Much like one of other suggestion about to many items.

New page is interesting, I’d much prefer a new Page/Tab to “uncheck” items. I don’t need see reinforced or brickstone when making my DLC stuff. It be nice to turn off building catogories.

OR, remove the feat per-requistes, so I can but Khitan and Insulated without needing to own other feats.

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