DLC Horses disappeared

Game mode: Single-player
Type of issue: Bug?

Started up my singleplayer world today and both my black, and my white, Riders of Hyboria DLC horses are missing from the world. The non-DLC palomino horse that I also had placed in the world is still there. The only thing that has changed since I last played the game a few days ago is the 19/12/2019 PC Hotfix. Of course it’s always possible that it’s mod-related, none of them have updated since the patch, but I don’t see anyone else reporting this problem on here, or on the Steam forums. I have verified game files. Nothing in the event log. I created a new black horse, placed it in the world with Silent Legion armor on it, restarted the game and it is still there.

Please provide a step-by-step process of how the bug can be reproduced. The more details you provide us with the easier it will be for us to find and fix the bug:

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Hey @try2bcool

Just in case, do you have the follower limit enabled in your single player game? Although it should’ve been notified in the event log, if you have the cap enabled it is possible they were culled in case you have a bunch of followers. Otherwise it might be mod related since we’ve received no reports other than players confused about the guarding, scouting and returning home states.

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No, I have the cap limit box unchecked. I also don’t have that many thralls, maybe 6, and before I started placing horses, I broke bond with all the pets I had when I found out they wouldn’t level.

Nope, they were just gone when I loaded the world, event log was completely empty.

Had you set the horses into guarding mode or did you just use the “stop follow” order?

If you only used “stop follow”, the horse was then in scouting mode and has returned to the last guarding position.


do you use any mods ? have you turned on the feeding system?

we noticed on our servers that with the feeding system turned on AND mods( doesn’t matter which mod, 1 mod is all its need to break the feeding system), followers of any kind would randomly vanish into nothingness… turning off the feeding system fixed it currently, so we wait on a fix that will correct that.

Probably stop follow, but the last guard position should have been the same spot I left them.

Yes, I use mods, but there is no turning the feeding system on and off for me, well, partially, the slider for feeding trough range is still there. I don’t have a feeding station placed anywhere in the world. I’ve seen this come up in other threads, I was under the assumption they had removed the need to feed thralls to keep them. In my experience, after they disabled it, if you put food in the thrall feeder, it would all disappear quickly, so I stopped using it.
More to the point, though, the horses had been fine with all the same mods, and none of them had updated since the last time I played. Literally the only change was the 19/12/2019 hotfix.
At any rate, they are probably gone for good and I have a few spares to make new ones, so I guess it’s not that big of a deal.

well , it is currently buggy with the feeding.

make sure it is turned off when you use mods. else the pets vanish randomly, horses as well as pets and thralls.

the feeding system itself only gives positive buffs now and help with the regeneration of hp and gain of exp. the setting for the decay is called differently.
check your serversetting.ini and have the follow setting in it:


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