DLC items not showing at blacksmith and armorer

Hello all!
I have all DLCs, but since last night the blacksmith and armorer DLC items are not appearing as an option for crafting anymore. The DLC building pieces are still at the game, but no armor or weapons.
Is anybody else experiencing that issue. If you know the solution for that problem, please let me know.


I was able to fix the problem by verifying the files.


How do you fix the problem on xbox. Im having a different issue. I have all the DLCs payed for the $90 bundle 4 months back. and before i was able to build out of Argossean, Aquilonian, Arena, Frontier, Khitan, Nemedìan, Treehouse, Stable, Turanian, and Yamatai, but ever since i logged on today there is the little green arrow pionting downwards on them as if i dont have the DLC. but i know i do. I payed for them but now that Age of War is out it looks like id have to buy the YEAR 2 DLC to get them back. Im not really sure why they’re not available anymore. It really sucks. I cannot afford spending more money on this game.

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