DLC Riddle of Steel not installing

Riddle of Steel bought from the PlayStation Store is not recognising the application to install to. The Conan Exiles game version I own was free from the PS plus monthly subscription program. I want to purchase more content but will not until this situation is resolved. Who can help me more Sony or Funcom?

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I guess, Stupid questions 1st. (like is it plugged in?)

PS+ Is Active?

CE is on latest Update?

Are you getting error code? Or Type of in-game message, or DLC wont unlock in game?
(As DLC from PAL Store will NOT work with NA copy and vice versa)

restored licenses, is often go to when DLC wont register with a game.

Depending on were issues likes, kinda decides if you contact Funcom/Sony.

As for restore licenses.
Go Setting > Restore Licenses. It can take a moment.
(I guess off question, would be is that Ps4 your main Ps4 (set as active)

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Hello @F1R3R4M I also buy DLC for PS+ games and trying everything that @Sera67 mentioned worked for me in the past.

One other thing to try, if you have a USB drive connected, is changing the “default install location” to the drive that has Conan (internal or external).

Go to (Settings) > [Storage], and then press the OPTIONS button to select an install location in [Application Install Location].

Then download the DLC once again.

Good luck.

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