DLC Weapons Bug?

After starting a new character, I see that all my paid DLCs show up. However, they seem to be displayed/learned differently.
Armor DLC, once learning the Armorer skill, shows the basic armors as “learned” (green background).
Weapon DLCs, once learning the appropriate weapon skill, show a brown background (costing 0 points, but not yet “learned”). Each DLC pack with weapons has to be selected and “learned” individually.

EDIT: After logging out and logging back in, the DLC weapon recipes in the Knowledge (Feats) section all changed to have green backgrounds. The DLC weapon recipes also show up in the Blacksmith bench. Maybe its just a “visual” glitch?

Is this intentional or a bug? Seems like a bug, so I thought I’d ask.

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Ya its been like that for a while. All you need to do is switch between feat pages and they will turn the ones you selected green

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