Locked out of ALL my DLC skills following May 30 patch


after hot fix patch May 30, can not take any DLC content skills

After the hot fix, I opened up my character. The stats and skills were both reset. I put points into skills. I could do so without difficulty for the base game, but I could NOT for any DLC content, such Yamatai, Khitan, or Pict. For instance, if you take Ropemaker, you unlock skills, the tile turning from red to brown. The problem is, the skills cost ZERO points, and because they cost ZERO points, you can NOT unlock them. Essentially, your hotfix just locked me out of all the DLCs, some of which I just bought and have yet to explore. You CAN buy Star Metal Bow, for instance, for 13 points. Just not the Khitan or Bossonian Bows.

This patch has rendered the game unplayable. Please roll the patch back and, when it is working correctly, LET US KNOW BEFORE YOU PATCH.

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Did you close your inventory screen and open it again after learning the prereq?

EDIT: I can confirm that there is an issue with the EPIC bows:

EDIT2: so tested further, once you learn the rope master, you see the bows “brown”. however, if you click on another feat tab e.g Survival and return to the bow page, you will see them unlocked.

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That would also work, yes. Basically just refreshing the screen.

On the modding side of things, that’s how it’s always been for any feat with a requirement of 0. It’s something I’ve dealt with as a mod author for forever a this point. So if DLCs are doing that/have been doing that, then I’m not surprised by that either.


Well, that did not work for me.

What did work, I went into Sys Admin mode and dumped all the stats and skills. As I cleared the stats, the screen flickered, so I closed the sw, and signed out of Steam. I signed back in, restat’ed the character and cleared the skills. The Construction skills seemed more reliable (I had a problem with those as well but Ropemaker/DLC bow is easier to explain) after I did that, although was not 100% sure. I did check the combat skills and they were showing correctly after I spent the points.

I closed the sw, signed out of Steam and had lunch whilst the HDD defragged. Signing back in, the skills and point allocations seem to be functioning as normal and intended.

So, changing screens didn’t do it for me, but going into Sys Admin and dumping all the stats and skill points, signing out and coming back in did.

If any more problems obtain related to this issue, I will add here.

Thank you for your help and concern.

Hey there,

We’ve tested it internally and the DLC feats seem to be unlocking correctly after the reset, sometimes requiring a refresh of the tab in order to take effect. We’ve informed our team about it, but once refreshed it shouldn’t cause any additional issues.
Apologies for the frustration and thanks for your feedback.

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