DLC's Not Activiating In-game

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I just recently purchased a DLC bundle for this game and have yet been able to get it to work for a day now. I’ve tested in on my own dedicated server as well as on singleplayer to no avail. When I first start up the game and click on the DLC window in the main menu, it says I have the correct DLC’s. The moment I join any game then return to the main menu, the DLC window pops up claiming that I don’t own any DLC’s.

I’ve Validated my game files, restarted steam several times, disabled and re-enabled the DLC’s individually, and have reinstalled the entire game. I have no mods and I do meet the pre-reqs for the DLC feats in the game.

  1. Start the game.
  2. Join a game/server of any type.

-for the dlc’s to show up non-active-

  1. Push esc. while in game.
  2. Exit to main menu.
  3. Click on the dlc picture icon which shows that no dlc is purchased despite it saying that they were before joining a game.
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It’s just an advertising window. Sometime it pops up, sometime not.
Did you check, if you are able to craft the stuff from the DLC’s?

Hello @LittleWhispers, are you able to spawn the items through the admin panel in the single player mode?


Mikelei, the DLC window does tell you if you have purchased the DLC’s on the list and it always popped up when I left a game.

Hugo, I wasn’t able to spawn items through the admin panel.

Shadoza This is the new Steam page, I did unable then re-enable them from the properties menu under DLC’s.

I also apologize for the late reply, but I decided to refund the DLC’s. I thought it would be nice to have some unique aesthetics. However, the price for the content, even on the Steam sale, while trying to debug it made me reevaluate too much. I do appreciate the help and I’m sorry for anyone else who may have this problem in the future. I’m surprised that nobody else seemed to have this issue. I wish everyone good luck.

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