DLS Riders of Hyboria add horses ! slaves players booty next to the player!

=== DLS Horsemen of Hyboria add horses !!!. === soon will come out addition Horsemen of Hyboria name implies horses add riding animals in the yard in 2019, but there are no horses in the game … and not only the player PLAYER he works a lot and there are no slaves why the chief servant, why can’t you, at a distance of 10-20 Mters, give the order to the slave to work extracting resources !?

It’s called “RIders of Hyboria”, not Horsemen. Small difference maybe, but still. And I sincerely doubt it’ll include horses or other riding animals, I think Funcom would want to beat the drum about that significantly louder if it were the case.

Mounts would never be a DLC feature in any case, it’d be a core game feature, at most a DLC pack could include more / different mounts if it ever happened, but that’s a gigantic IF.


I agree with Vaima 100%, but I hope that the horses will put the name very loud. If you don’t have it, then we can say one thing for sure that we will suffer while running across the desert (and by the way on one and the first archers of Conan there were horses and riders found on the Internet, and the horses are in the animation of ghosts, which means they have the models and the animations are why they are not added (

Behave like a product of millions of years of evolution, and use the search function to find the answer :wink:

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Best case scenario: Riders of Hyboria will include horse pets.

Mounts isn’t going to happen. Far too much trouble as their system wasn’t designed for mounts. It would take an entire restructuring of the control system for mounts to be possible, by all I’ve read.

And unless you’ve got definitive proof that horses are even going to be added as pets, you should not be making click-bait titles like this. That are nothing more than speculation and guesswork.


IF you got a horse it would be a ANTELOPE reskin. It would be a PACK ANIMAL not a mount. Please stop, Funcom has said over and over again, mounts break the game or look too stupid to implement.

Like Sorcery and everything else, if it happens it will happen. Until they blatantly say announce something otherwise just expect reskins for now. You’ll be a lot happier to lower your expectations to zero.


(((sorry i am no englis google translation(( i am andestand you

the company itself has already responded that it will not see horses or mounts


Feel free to let us know your native language. You may always leave in a section with the original text. Also, try translating anything with https://deepl.com/translator.

For more information on mounts, see https://conanexiles.gamepedia.com/Upcoming_features#Cancelled_features

The developers have already stated this DLC will not include mounts and with any features they will announce if they have anything to talk about.

Beast Masters - Mounts STEAM WARCSHOP

HORSE https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1705364317

And what ?
Mods are not accepted on officials PC servers and not possible on consoles at all.

Sure, this is what Conan needs.

Known Issues:

When you dismount, you must mount and dismount again before inventory will reopen.
Sometimes if you try to mount while in the middle of battle you can freeze the game (Fatal Error)
Enemies cannot see you when you are mounted (looking for any modding advice on fixing that part)

Mounts just aren’t necessary in Conan. There are ways to get around in the game without them. Players just need to learn patience.

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you are the point of view of the developers. if you were a player you would know how exhausting rushes …

Surprise, I’m a player. Not a developer. I’ve been halfway across the map and back. Never even used the obelisks in that time either. I was always on foot.

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