"DO NOT USE" named thrall found in a camp

Game mode: Siptah-testlive
Type of issue: Bug
Server type : Singleplayer
Region: -

Wandering around the camps and found an NPC named DO NOT USE [archer].

Game version 2.4.284326/28736, beta branch game client


Soooo… did you use it?? :upside_down_face:


No. I was afraid that Yog might spawn from the skies and eat me.
It also came without an instruction manual, so I’ll leave it to those with more expertise.


Confirmed. Here’s some additional info to add to the report.

Teleport coords are (for future reference, if you don’t know how to get coords, its CTRL + SHIFT + ALT + L)

TeleportPlayer -239673.390625 155410.171875 -18275.90625

WeightedSpawnTable looks okay, most likely a wrong SpawnID on the actual spawn (which is something set on the map).


Thanks for the info. I’ll definitely use the coords instead of uploading screenshots.

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Screenies are helpful too. I wouldn’t have known what to look for without your screens :slightly_smiling_face:

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I meant the screenshots for location. :slight_smile:

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That is Hilarious lol.

what? he’s protective that’s all

I really hope Funcom does a massive overhaul on all the Siptah thall names. Seems about half the time the crafters have a messed up name. I just picked up a priest named “Dancer” and a smelter named "Taskmaster … ". We have reported on this a lot already and would be great if they could give some confirmation that they are going to look through the naming tables and fix it.

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…and all the NPCs will have one name “FIXED” :rofl:


Maybe in next version he’ll be called Don Otuse


Hey @GodlyVoice

Thanks for the heads-up.
We’ve asked Mr. Do to not come back for the next Testlive iterations so he can stop bringing shame to the Not Use family.


You are a wise man @GodlyVoice. Shall I tell us all an annecdote…? Back in the early stages of Marilyn Manson’s career, he used to pack large paper mache piniatas with rancid chickens guts and pieces, and suspend them above the mosh pit. At the start of each show he would then place a large whacking stick within easy reach of the crowd, then tell them “now no matter what you do, dont hit the piniata!!”. Now take a wild guess what would happen almost every single time…?

I guess my point is that reverse psychology can be a powerful tool in generating outcomes. Serious credit to you GodlyVoice for showing self-restraint. :laughing: :wink: