Do something about the over exaggerated hop/jump when you climb

Is there any plans too or can we please do something about the over exaggerated hop/jump when your exile climbs to the top of something? This “hop” seems to more often make you miss the perch you are looking to ascend and usually results in falling back down. A more controlled mount or crawl over and stand would be more useful atleast when climbing up high.


This seems to be the most problematic in Unnamed City when trying to mantle up onto the top of those Rook-like towers where the Fragments of Power are often hidden. The strange thing is, it didn’t always use to be so difficult to finish a climb, so something must have changed in the past month or two.

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This has been bad for some time on the ruins,/towers where you glitch back down, but since a recent patch (I think the new dungeon one) the climbing has been much worse. Some ruins and cliffs almost seems to have invisible anticlimb in random spots which makes climbing hit and miss.


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