What have you done to the climbing?

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Dropping when climbing when you reach any even slight over hang]

Because you have always been tight with Stamina, you don’t have a lot to play with when climbing and in the UC even more so. To reach the small Chests that contain the fragments is now impossible, there has always been a problem with getting up when you get to the top, but you could with a bit of luck get over it but now you can’t even get to the top. Come on guy’s if it ain’t broke DON’T try to fix it.

Please provide a step-by-step process of how the bug can be reproduced. The more details you provide us with the easier it will be for us to find and fix the bug:
1.Climb a wall any wall
2.Reach an over hang


I second that, climbing seems to have become more difficult.

For example, it was quite easy to use the ‘back-entrance’ to the Black Galleon before the latest big patch, but now I can hardly climb up there, and fall down as the OP describes. Which is especially bad as there was a chest placed along the climb which I cannot reach by climbing up.


It has been this way since the unnamed city update and it was a noticeable unQOL undocumented change. I presume to get us to invest in climbing gear with less armor to manufacture some increased difficulty in the UC.

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I hope you’re right.
But given recent history, I doubt you are.

At most they did it to mess with people trying to scale along the undermesh. It wouldn’t make sense for them to do this just to get people to use climbing gear when it would just be easier to increase climbing stamina cost to achieve the same goal instead.


Personally, I have not found climbing any more difficult than before, but then I do have the reinforced climbing gear.

Areas in the UC are particularly difficult, and the workable paths are hard to find. I tend to spam spacebar where difficulty is expected. It keeps me from falling too far. I can say that I have made it to almost all of the elevated fragment chests that I am aware of. Some I chose to ignore since the ones where I had a good path keep me very well stocked.

Luckily (?), I have made it to all that I tried, sometimes requiring several attempts.

Just my experience/perspective.



I, without climbing gear (unless required), have enjoyed the change.

It is a lot like driving a manual over an automatic. No one, on mechanical performance grounds (especially with the introduction of things like Point to Point transmission), can say the manual is better than the automatic. However, in terms of driver engagement, it is overwhelmingly statistically still far superior (accident rates alone). That is how it is with climbing, overhang slippage, and tight stamina pool. It makes me have to plan out the ascent very carefully, and gives it also an element of danger (and thus engagement) as I have to actively manage the economy of my climb. It makes what were boring, and largely static ascents, a challenge everytime now, and thus also a sense of accomplishment for doing them.


Climbing is demonstrably different. I can’t give you personal-to-you proof because you can’t roll back and see. Where I can point it out is on ruins. Look at the ruins where you get aloe soup recipe (south of Skyholme Ruins), and notice the vertical “fins” that point upward into little triangular tips. These used to be standable, now they will detach you while in mid-climb.

At the west end of Klael’s Stronghold are similar ruins. You used to be able to climb the entire “stack,” but now you need to follow a definite track and read the climb. Makes it much more interesting.

Enthusiastically agree.


Barnes, thank you for the answer and the specific locations ! I have not, nor do I intend to, check these out since I’m comfortable either way. Simply taking your word for it suffices.

I do enjoy the climbing aspect of the game, both now and in the past. Scaling the outside wall of the Well of Skellos was both fun and pumped adrenaline.

No complaints here !



The stick is a manual. Also, it is better than an automatic.

Well I have top tier Mountaineer and climbing gear and it is exactly the same.

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Not what I said at all.

I love this game as much as anyone on the forum and I think funcom has done a great job with it.

Where they don’t do a great job is documenting changes to the game.
Whether this in intentional or accidental, I can’t say for certain.
Given recent history, I lean toward the former.

Hey @Rayzur

Poking our team about this to see if it’s intended or a bug.
Thanks for the feedback.


Again, not so sure if intended or not.

Sure, like you present it, it would make sens. But i observed myself strange behavior while glimbing, so maybe a part was wanted, but they may be also some glitchy parts or bugs affecting the players.

But i will try get the new cristals by using the different climbing gear… if i remember to take them with me. :wink:

@Ignasi I know previously I could scale the flat sides of the “crowns” of the Rook-like towers in Unnamed City without too much trouble. However now, the whole middle section will continuously disconnect me when trying to mantle up to the top. A perfect example of this is the one near the Bat Demon boss at the Aviary.

The only spot on these structures where I can consistently climb the last few feet is on the very corners.

I can provide a video when I get home, if need be…


I think videos are still helpfull in this case.

Like said, i experimented some changes while climbing around, but didn’t test it particulary. I saw lot more areas that simply are no more climbable at all. This may be related.
Also the implementation of the new cristals, can imagine they wanted it bit more challenging. So maybe some spots was touched that shouldn’t be.

My favorite is when my character decides to do jumping jacks halfway up a climb on an unnamed city structure


I know exactly where you mean, Chump, my heart literally jumped the first time it happened !





Tom Hanks?