Do you actually know your fellow Exiles?

Good Morning Exiles,

For something a little different and because we had so many new Exiles join in the past weeks, I thought it would be fun to get to know the community a bit better. Who knows, maybe there are some fellow players right in your vicinity? Surviving together does not only have to be in virtual space :wink:

So let me begin and introduce myself:
My name is Natascha and I have been with Funcom for a tiny but over a year now. As you might or might not know I am the Community Director, which means I am (now that we have and get more people, at least) mostly working behind the scenes and supporting the Community Team, both Community Managers and Community Supports as well as our different communities. I am also working closely with our live ops teams, making sure your concerns get considered and prioritized as much as possible.

I am originally from Switzerland, temporarily moved to Greece and then moved to Norway, where I currently live.

I have been in the industry for a long time (almost 20 years to be precise) and have seen both the development/production side as well as the community side.
I’ve worked for several big MMOs in one way or another (Everquest, LOTRO, Darkfall Online) and have also been on the development side of smaller games as developer or producer.

Not to mention I’ve been an avid and dedicated gamer since my parents bought me a C64 and then a NES. A decision they quickly came to regret :wink:

I am a big fan of MMOs, RPGs and Horror Games and have played pretty much every possible MMO there is.

Since I don’t have as much time as I used to have (my commute each day is about 1.5 hours one way), I am currently sticking to games that I can jump into quickly and play for a few rounds. That’s not to say I also spend quite a bit of time with our own games, of course :smiley:

I have also worked as a freelance artist for WotC and FFG and illustrated Trading Cards for the official GoT and Call of Cthulu LCG.

Besides my gaming addiction I also really enjoy working out to keep my live balanced. Gaming is for the brain and working out for the body. Gotta keep both in shape!

Now it’s your turn - let us know a bit more about yourself. :slight_smile:


Greetings and salutations!

I’m Jens Erik and I’m about 2 months away from my 3 year anniversary at Funcom! I was hired back in 2016 to be the new community manager on Conan Exiles. I’m still CMing Exiles, in addition to other games like Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden, Conan Unconquered, Moons of Madness, and several other unannounced things. I keep up with things on social media and the forums, and I also host the weekly livestreams over on our streaming channels.

I’m from Norway and have been living here all my life.

I have been in the games industry for around 10 years. I started off in games journalism, working freelance for various websites and outlets, before transitioning over to working as a community manager. Funcom was actually my first job on this side of the industry and I’m eternally grateful for the opportunity they gave me, and continue to give me.

As for games, I enjoy a bit of everything, but I definitely lean more towards single-player experiences (which is kind of funny, considering I work for a company that used to be known for making MMORPGs). Some of my favorite games are RPGs, but I rarely have time to play them anymore, which is a shame, but I try to get in one or two here and there.

My interests definitely curve towards the geeky side of things. I read, watch movies, play games, browse maymays, and consume pop culture so I can make obscure references no one but me understands.


Hi :slight_smile:

I’m Halcyon, but people in real life call me Daniel apparently.

I often describe myself as the “Gameboy Generation”. To old to be considered Millenial, but too young to be a baby boomer.

I am from Austria, but lived in Hong Kong during my childhood (for 14 years), then moved to the UK to study computer games design for 4 years. 1 year of that in Thailand as a trainee graphic designer at Digicrafts (Multimedia company, developer and publisher of Arcana Battlecards for the Thai audience).

Spent most of my time creating a few 3D models, and quality assurance, there. Thailand was crazy awesome. 120 US dollars (In Thai Baht) a month rent for a decent apartment. Loved that place.

After that, I moved to back to Austria and lived happily in Vienna ever since, working as a freelance graphic designer and developing my own little game, that I hope to launch when it doesn’t have any annoying aspects, and grow from there :3

My first computer was a Compaq Presario, with upgraded 16 KB RAM, and a whopping 66,5 Mhz Processor (or something like that) , which I played Command & Conquer: Red Alert, Star Trek: A Final Unity, and Privateer 2: The Darkening on.

I grew up with a game-boy and a Sega Mega-drive console.

I don’t have a life balance. It’s pretty hardcore centralized around gaming. I earn just enough to get by. My belief is that time can’t be bought back; therefore I play more than I work.

I often fight with the thought that “If I spent all my effort in games on my RL, I’d be more fulfilled”, which is why I started studying C#, Unity, Unreal and Animating. Other times I wonder if I should study Molecular Biology, so I can CRISPR myself to live longer. I love life so much. There’s so much to experience, love and repair.

I am married to a wonderful gamer girl, who doesn’t kill me for having timers running off at night, because I have Dinos to imprint on ARK, or have timers running to remind me of Conan Exiles decay.

I in turn won’t kill my wife when she uses our money to buy characters for her Chinese MMO.

(I own over 1K $ in Star Citizen Starships so yeah…)

Good life.



my real name is Martin, I am a German of over 50 years…

My first computer was a C64, then an Amiga. After that it was always a PC.

The games I like most are tactical games, like Jagged Alliance 2 or XCOM/XCOM2, thus Conan Exiles is my first (and possibly only) foray into survival games. Other than that, I currently play SWTOR.

From 2005-2011 I was part of the team that made the 1.13-Mod for Jagged Alliance 2, I was responsible for the item values, and thus for weapon balance. I was also responsible for very few images, and together with others I designed the New Inventory and worked on the 100AP-system.

I am also playing pen & paper RPGs.

My occupation is technical assistant at a university, where I also belong to the staff council.


Oh that’s really interesting and good to know. Thanks for sharing!



I am Ignasi, born in Spain where I lived pretty much all my life, then moved for a while to Manchester, and finally settled in Norway. I’m also from the Gameboy generation, and I’ve been the Community Support at Funcom for 5 months now. This has been my first job in the videogame industry after a few years in academics, although I’ve always been messing around videogames and involved in one way or another, either playing them, creating content, being a GM for an online game and so on… Long story ahead!

A dusty Master System was my first taste of pixel glory, and shortly after I got my very own Gameboy with its glorious Tetris bundle. Even since then I’ve been jumping from Nintendo generation to another until around the turn of the millennium, when I finally got my own PC and I found my favorite genre: shooters!

Although Unreal Tournament and Quake3 held my attention for a good while, it was Half Life the game that monopolized my gaming time for 5 years, jumping from mod to mod. I was particularly fond of Counter Strike (well of course) and more importantly, Day of Defeat. I spent a good chunk of my awkward teen years modding DoD to my liking, altering bot behaviour for Sturmbot and creating waypoints for maps that were unsupported and sharing them on Gamespy. Some of that knowledge I also translated to Medal of Honor Allied Assault and some of its mods, for which I adapted its most popular bot system for new maps and modes… and that was while I was on PC. Then was also when I enjoyed my most fond splitscreen memories, with games such as Phantasy Star Online EP1&2, Gladius and SSB Melee (while also going back to Goldeneye and Perfect Dark from time to time).

After that, I went jumping from game to game on PC and consoles, with favorite games such as OpFlashpoint, Rainbow Six Vegas 1&2, Red Orchestra 1&2, Mount and Blade capitalising my time in between releases of perhaps my favorite franchise, Mass Effect.
Nowadays, I’m mostly playing either Conan Exiles or BattlefieldV (both on PS4 and PC).

Besides gaming, I am also big into boardgames and cinema.
Aaaaand, that’s it about me. :slight_smile:


I’m a child of the 70s, thank you Martin, for allowing me to say it in the open. Parts of my early years were complicated with parental custody, and I spent thousands of glorious summer days as Huck Finn on the Gatineau River. Living in Quebec was easy, and as a boy I could make a fortune scouring the country roadsides for glass gold. Beer bottles, soda bottles, RC full quart slope-siders worth 25 cents almost anywhere in Canada if redeemed. For a while, a lot of this scavenging was for survival, as we didn’t even have running water.

Contrast this with my life in the states, and I had quarters flowing like Ohio rain. Still I refrained from the urge to attack those machines at Kroger, up until Ikari Warriors. At that point I was employed during the summers, sadly relieved of returning to Canada. The frugality remained, though, and only spare change every once in a while would do. I would go home and daydream how to win the game, typical 80s celebratory teen montage.

My first real job was at 16, at Burger King. Probably one of the finest jobs I’ve ever had. My manager, Molly, called me Barnes and it just stuck. (Three syllables is tough, especially when it’s not 1770s England.)

But before all that, there was my TI-99/4a. I wrote my very first video game on it, a personal version of the pegboard classic Mastermind. Parsec was an amazing experience on this machine, but real world tennis and nature was part of my father’s idea of balance. We had a TRS-80, then a Tandy Clone, by the time I left for college at 17 I was sick of it. I was exposed to the Mac! My buddy down the hall had Dark Castle, and it could play The Doors and not sound horrrible. I learned how to draw with a bar of soap on that little Mac SE.

In college I used the Mac for copywriting and editing. Between 1991 and 1992 I maintained the PCs at our Fraternity House. I used a Unix system at the newspaper where I interned, and used several other systems there when I was hired during my Senior year. We were just starting to see tech becoming a thread in our technical lives. My first job out of college was as Marketing Director, where it was up to me to “do it all,” from vector drawings to writing to compositing to output to film. Somewhat thereafter I took over the network maintenance.

With new responsibilities came greater pay and better machines, so I could finally get my hands on a brand-new Pentium 90. On it, I built DOOM Wads like ghoulish Taj Mahals, or the catacombs from The Cask of Amontillado. Better tech allowed me to continue my other life as well, and thanks to new modems I could continue to report for a large newspaper.

This gets us to 1994. In other words I have had a long life with computers and gaming. And for more than two years of it I am head over heels for Conan Exiles! Thanks for reading!

First Console: Master System
Favorite Console: PS3 OG Phat

Very truly yours,



in real life people call me Andy. (nope I’m not AndyB ^^) Here in this forum I am one of he freelance moderators.
If I belong to the Gameboy generation? I don’t know exactly, but I know, that I owned once one^^.
As some of you guys already know, I live in good old Germany, since the day of my birth. Professionally, I have nothing to do with the gaming industry, but I am a passionate gamer.- I started gaming with Quake 1-3 to Half-Life until 2001 as Anarchy Online was launched, since that day I lost my heart to MMO´s, that’s the reason, why I played all MMO´s which Funcom had launched after Anarchy Online, you guys know, what games I am talking about.
My freelancing moderation work, did I start in 2012 under guidance of the german CM Waldgeist. Since then, I try to keep the forum clean (nope I don’t need fort hat the help of Mr. Clean^^) and to remind you all to pay attention to he forumrules.



Hello, folks!

I am a dude from Bulgaria, never really been anywhere abroad except for a honeymoon week on a Greek island. I’m 35 years old, been gaming since 1st grade when I got an Atari 2600 (1991), then a NES (1994), then I skipped right to a 386 PC (1998) - time lags behind in the Eastern Bloc! :smiley:

I have been playing on PC ever since. I’ve worked as a freelance translator, publishing editor for a big local publisher and a stock market journalist. Currently I’m a copyrwiter / news reporter. Somewhat funnily, this is the highest paying job I’ve had so far.

My holy trinity of games, recently expanded to a quaternity, would be Doom 2, Thief 2, Baldur’s Gate 2 and finally, breaking the pattern, Witcher 3. I dabble in enthusiast modding and development. I’ve released a few well-reviewed Doom 2 maps (doomworld actually reviews all user-made maps). More recently, I took a fancy to modding Grimrock 2 - a grid-based real-time dungeon crawler. Ended up spending 300 hours learning LUA scripting, producing, detailing and debugging the actual mod (20 hours of gameplay, 10,000 hand-placed entities across a dozen levels, never doing it again!).

Once I thought I had a release version and pushed it to Steam’s workshop, I received a dozen bug reports for what I thought was a flawless product, which led to a sharp increase in my empathy meter for gamedev studios.

I ended up in here a couple of weeks ago, after wasting time and money on a certain other game with dinosaurs that seems to have been put together by people deliberately trying to make it run as poorly as possible. I have to say, Exiles is my best “frustrated exodus” buy in all my years of gaming.


Hello, I am Brian. I am happily married, though I did have an unhappy one before. I do trade compliance and management for a living and I have a good work balance. That means I get plenty of time off from work to play video games and what not. My interest is purely gaming, music and books. Not much else interest me. Good movies and shows are entertaining but of vague interest. I do love to travel but they do get expensive so that’s limited to once a year unless you include short few days trips. I am not at all interesting but I did have an interesting life.

I’m what you would consider 1.5 generation Korean-American. That means I’m culturally about 70% American and 30% Korean. I am fluent in both languages, though I did run into several challenges in that regard. I was born in U.S., moved to South Korea at tender age of 7. My time in South Korea was interesting. My teachers thought I was mentally deficient, not realizing that I was new to the language. My father celebrated when I came back home with upper range of F grade (i.e. 40%). By 4th grade though I was academically ranked #1 from entire 4th grade (they ranked and posted grade in the hall). Since then my teachers no longer considered me special-need child. At age 12 I decided I did not want to enter required military service in South Korea so I begged my mom to take me back to the U.S. My begging proved fruitful. My mom fled with me and my sister, leaving one enraged father behind. FYI he is far from what you might consider a good father or husband.

We settled in California and my mom had only $500, blanket and clothes with us in tow. So my mom went to a local Korean church for help securing an apartment. My mother then guilt tripped dad into helping her financially but she’s still had to work because it wasn’t near enough. As for my education I was once again mentally deficient and was stuck in ESL until high school where I at last began performing. By junior year my GPA was 4.83 so even my dick of a dad had no complaint. I ended up going to UCSD mostly on grants/scholarships and some loan, though I was accepted into Stanford (couldn’t afford it). UCSD is where my life improved really. I learned to have fun at last and learned to socialize by partying hardcore. Those first two years are hazy thanks to back-to-back parties, many of which were held at our apartment of 4 people. After two years though I got burnt out of the partying scene and have been a homebody ever since. I got into MMO’s and gaming during this time. Since then it’s pretty much just gaming, reading and dating and working.

During the period between college and now, both my mom and sister became fabulously rich. Mom, through real estate and sister by becoming a very well known model/actress in South Korea. They also became a controlling bunch by trying to reign me into the “wealthy” class. They told me who to marry, how to act, hell even how to walk properly. Well, I decided I didn’t like that at all. I spent a great deal of my life freeing myself from them by becoming and remaining financially independent. That meant paying for my college loan, car and home. I planned my life carefully and followed the course to get to where I am now - completely free. Ahhhh… such a good feeling :slight_smile:


(Sorry, my English is bad … so I’m just going to introduce myself.)

I am really very happy to know a little better the team of FUNCOM !
And the community of players of Conan Exiles !
And to speak on the same topic as Jens_Erik ! Rôôôôôôôô… :open_mouth:
And besides, I can tell them my life story ! (just a joke … :slight_smile: )

I’m Alexandre, I live in france, I’m from Paris.

I’m currently a physics student.

I’m a science enthusiast, and our time is so rich in discoveries scientists ! I still can’t
believe we can detect black holes in space (almost evidence, because in science
nothing is really certain until the experience can be recreated identically in a “laboratory” …
for a very simple explanation) , and we are now considering the conquest of the
planet Mars. Plus, the advances in genetics, or artificial intelligence … An incredible time !

I am a former RPG player : Dungeons and Dragons (A big thank to the memory of
GARY GYGAX and DAVE ARNESON, men of magnificient imagination), Elric formerly known
as Stormbringer (*), Call of Chtulhu.

(*) Just for information, I think the TARGARYEN in GAMES OF TRHONES are inspired by
MELNIBONEAN of “The weird of the White Wolf” from MICHAEL MOORCOCK.

Unfortunately, I don’t have time to play video games often anymore.

But when I have time, I play Conan Exiles because I find the pleasure
of role-playing again !

I support your work since the beginning !

  • Early Access : Armor of Conan

  • Physical Collector PC Edition : Atlante sword of Conan

  • And a PASS SEASON 2 !

Hey Ignasis, I lived on the side of BIARRITZ, so I visited the port of San Sebastian,
this part of Spain is beautiful ! A great Spanish period !

[I hope my sentences will be well translated, I try jokes … normally the translator is good … If not : All my apologies !]
It’s too tempting.

But Tascha I don’t know Switzerland, there’s something else to visit besides banks ?
(nasty joke, sorry … :woozy_face:)

And Jens_Erik when we come with my companions on holiday in Norway, we will take
your wives and we’ll drink beer in your skulls … I think it’s still a tradition with you in Norway … isn’t that right ? (second nasty joke, again sorry … :woozy_face:)

I often thanks the team of FUNCOM for their work, and :

I would like take this opportunity to special thank your team for you kindness, your patient and your
efficiency on this forum.

And the community of players of Conan Exiles really nice.


(Even the title of this game is a War Cry ! :wink:)


Hi everyone,

I must really be an old gamer. The first gaming system my parents got us when I was growing up in Texas was Pong. When my brother was not around, I would play the single player version.

My first online games were the text based BBS games multiple people could play on. To give you an idea how simple they were, one of my friend’s ran one off of his Apple 2.

I have been all over the world. I spent a month in Europe after graduating high school. I had the choice of going to Europe or the College/University of my choice for graduation. On that trip, we spent time in the U.K., France, Austria, Italy (twice), Greece, and Spain in that order. The flight back to the states was very interesting and unusual. The pilot was in a rush to get off the ground and in the air. After take off, we were told that Skylab was de-orbiting that day.
We actually made the news on the CBC in Nova Scotia that day. The New York Port Authority closed the airspace and stopped taking in bound flights so we were diverted to the only airport in the north east that was capable of handling a 747. In a way we were glad the flight departed early since we were past the point of no return to Europe when the airspace was closed. It was funny because we were the only aircraft on the ground at that time that was not Canada Air in Nova Scotia.

I actually have two college degrees, a BBA in management and an AS in computer information systems. I got the second one after I joined the U.S. Air force. I had ended up in a situation where I did not have a job and no one was hiring since they had just filled all of their openings for the Christmas shopping season.

While in the service, I spent time in South Korea, several cities in my home state where the Air Force has/had bases, California at Edwards AFB where the right stuff actually happened. I even got to meet General (retired) Chuck Yeager and yes, he still flew aircraft, just not as a test pilot.

At some point during my time in the service, I ended up in the military version of a black hole. During Operation Desert Shield/Desert Storm/Provide Comfort also known as the Persian Gulf War. I spent my time at a classified location in the combat zone which has turned out to be a good thing for me. The bad part about it is the toll it has taken on my health.

During my last year in the Air Force while in California, I met my wife and we got married.

After getting out of the service I spent about 12 years providing technical support for business software. During that time, the company I worked for merged with another company and I was transferred to Colorado. When the Dot Com bubble burst, I was laid off when the department I was in was down sized. The VP in charge of it retired and of the 6 people in it, I was one of 2 that were not transferred to other teams. I had seen the writing on the wall so to speak and was expecting it to happen. I latter found out that all but one member of the team was eventually laid off or fired. The one that was not had left before they could act for a better job. I then spent about 13 years supporting Internet services with a company that also sold cable TV and phone services.

With my health declining, I moved to Arizona and for a short time worked as an Auto Insurance Adjuster for the largest insurance company in the U.S. With the continued decline of my health I finally had to acknowledge that I was no longer capable of holding a job. I was glad that I had started the process to have my disability rating reviewed by the VA. Even though it took them 18 months, it was a boon when they agreed that my time in service had been far more detrimental to my health than initially thought. Since then, the VA has decided that I am fully disabled and cannot work in a normal capacity.

So I spend my time reading, learning new things, trying to exercise (which is hard when you have to drag an Oxygen tank around), and playing games.

I was surprised when I was asked to help moderate the forums and enjoy helping out. Yes, I am old and my age is classified, so don’t ask.



I too remember pong.

I want to thank you for your years of service to our country. And to tell you it is an honor gaming with you.


I miss Elendilmir. Thou move Arkenstone wasnt to bad… that was a good 9+ years till MY PC started on Fire. (like actual fire) Ending my PC gaming days.

I’m Sera (real name to) 35yo Girl gamer.
I’m from Japan, move to States, back to Japan, back to States…back to Japan and Back to States.
English is my 2nd Language, But main i use now. Which is why its so sloppy, grammar broken, misspelling, mis-used words and otherwise gets me on peoples bad side. XD
(and because not even Spell Check knows what I’m typing sometimes)

I’m mute (can not speak) And live a life of postie notes and whiteboards and sign language.

I use to be pretty forum heavy till Moderating fun turned sour, Lost my Account and lost contact with most of people. After almost year of staying away. I joined Funcom Forums to be part of Conan Exiles. (What can I say, I love Conan stuff) And would love to see some changes. And try and get back into forum stuff.

I’m always fairly active on GameFAQs under same name. (not much else where now after Capcom Forums fell apart)

I don’t think I “know” any of Exiles in real life. Thou I do see several others from GameFAQs Conan Exiles Ps4 boards here.
I use to host a server with friends (if you can call them that) before Katana patch broke game and they quit to never return. XD

I’ve been gaming since pretty much I could hold Atari controller, thru NES and on I’ve owned almost every system till these later gens. (to poor now to keep up the hobby like I use to)

I hope one day for Morrowind Remake/Remaster or a game that combines many aspects of what i love… (CE is close, along with Dragons Dogma and Monster Hunter)


Real name’s May, live in Alabama. Not a lot to say; haven’t traveled a lot. Born in ‘88 on Halloween lol, so when I was little, I thought the whole planet celebrated my birthday by giving out candy >_<.

First game console I ever owned myself was a PlayStation, but my dad was huge into emulation and so I’ve played pretty much everything from the NES and up. Loved JRPGs.

When I was four, my mom and I were t-boned in an intersection which ended with my having a neck injury that destroyed my voice, so I’m mute. Made it really hard to do much later, but I’ve always been a proud tech geek and now I work for my uncle fixing and building PCs, going out to businesses to set things up, and taking care of my Dad and Aunt.

And I’ve rigged a setup that lets me use an iPad to talk over chat on Xbox Live.

That’s about it lol.


Name’s Mike, Mikey, Mikkel or Michael, or any permutations upon that - been called them all in my time, and it’s all good to me. My usual character name is Mekelan (though that one’s too far fetched to be called in Real Life™ heh), which it has been since the good ol’ WoW days in the early 2000s. I had a Tauren Warrior, whose main claim to fame was falling to his death from most of the high points in the game at least once. Been playing and fooling around with computers since long before that though, it goes all the way back to the Commodore 64 era, and (my personal favorite) the Amiga 500. Man, that was an AWESOME machine.

I am a games developer by trade, though I’ve dipped my toes in several related disciplines over the years, such as CG movie production, VR and AR development (very related but IMO distinct from games) and similar. I’ve programmed any device I could get my hands on that allows for it, from the PlayStation2 to my trusty old TI-83 calculator, on which I built a working slot machine (what you youngsters would call an app, I suppose!) and a Yatzy game. Ah, math classes well spent. According to some, anyway. Currently I work for a company that is developing games-like hard- and software that may assist people who have suffered injuries or other trauma in their recovery - it’s not as flashy as some of what I’ve done, but it’s very rewarding in other ways (and not a lootbox in sight!).

I’ve lived and worked on three continents, and visited a couple more, I love travelling (who doesn’t!) but am now back where I was born (that being Denmark) - a natural step after starting a family, I suppose. Consequently I also have less time on my hands than I used to - a few years ago I would’ve modded the sheeet outta this game for sure, I generally prefer games that can be modded or heavily customized, my all-time favorite in that regard probably being the graphically dreadful but otherwise wonderful Mount and Blade - Warband.


Dominating and Surviving in RL. Thanks for sharing this with us.

I am so incredibly sorry to hear this. Like Sera, both of you to me are dominating and surviving your RL challenges. Conan would be proud and I am sure everyone around you is.

It’s great to know we have players with all different kind of backgrounds and challenges. I am genuinly humbled by everyone sharing their stories with us. :heavy_heart_exclamation:

That is pretty freaking awesome. Much like


There is a text to speech app called iSpeech on iTunes that is a total lifesaver. The voices are really natural sounding, and it lets you save messages to a quick list. It’s what I use to talk on Xbox Live.

Plus, once I was playing grand theft auto online and heard this tiny kid screaming curses and racist crap and I managed to convince him that his Siri had recorded it and was going to tell his parents.


My name is Andries, a 35 year old South African graphic designer with a inclination towards the darker side of life :rofl:
I am a true metal head and have been listening to all genres of metal (Death, Black, Doom…) since the tender age of 12! Also the same time I discovered the wondrous world of gaming. I am happily married to my beautiful wife for 9 years now and luckily we share the same interest in music. Other hobbies include watching movies and series, anything fantasy or supernatural and frolicking around with our friends consuming too many alcoholic beverages…
I used to be like Tascha with the gym going and all that but Conan…(should probably get back on the horse :pensive: )

I think I started playing Duke Nukem 1 or 2 but really fell in love with games since Diablo which my mom played with me cos pentagrams (wanted to make sure I wasn’t selling my soul or something :smiling_imp:). So I would say I am quite an avid ARPG guy and prefer games with big weapons, big monsters and big…warrior women chest armor :rofl::sweat_smile:

Conan Exiles is the first game of the survival genre I have tried and I started playing with the wondrous Halloween event which was fantastic to me as you may guess (can’t wait for the next one!). It is also the first game I have been playing over a 1000 hours and still feel like I have so much left to do and get exited about it whenever I switch on my pc! I usually buy games only after doing some extensive research and with CE it was a bit of a gamble due to never playing a survival game. But it turned out to be one of the best games I have played since Skyrim!

Look out for my random shouts in the life streams like ARMORED ELEPHANTS!!! or FISH PEOPLE!!!

I love this game, I love the community and all the people pouring so much into fixing and making it one of the best games there is! Thank you for all the hard work and dedication! May your blades strike true!


No, not quite - though those are wonderful people too. They help people who’d otherwise not be able to, to play video games, which is great for a number of reasons.

We build equipment and software that ‘gamifies’ the recovery process to an extent*. Our goal is to incentivize, though not monetize it, while still being very serious when it comes to what happens “under the surface”. A lengthy recovery can be tedious to anyone, children in particular, and if we can do something to help them stick with it (and we believe we can, and are), we will. It’s been the number one problem in study after study that no matter how ingenious the exercise or how effective the training method, if people don’t follow through on it over time, it simply won’t work.

*key words being “to an extent”, you can only take it so far before it becomes more of a game, we stop (sometimes just) short of that.