Do you have to pay to set up your own server from your console at launch or is it free?

Can you just set up your console to be a hosting server at launch and tweak settings from there?

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You can setup a a dedicated server using SteamCmd. Go Google it. The dedicated server is surprisingly small compared to the game client - only 1.74gb.

You can tweak the settings in the config files.

How will this work for console? I’m on PS4 as well as XBOX1, but only concerned with PS4 options.

You can rent a server through the Menu (at least on the XBOX). It offers 10-person, 20-person & 30-person options. I think it offers 1-month, 3-month and maybe 6-month options.

You will have to pay for the respective (rented) server.

Console won’t be able to handle a decent sized server. Plus you would have to have it running 24/7. If you want to just play with friends, you can do co/op

if a player joins me in co-op, will he come in based on his created character on a pvp or pve server or does he or she also have to have a single player game save?

What do you mean “won’t be able to handle a decent sized server”? 30 people on a rented server is a lot. Currently the official servers only allow 40 MAX. Rented servers do run 24/7.

Co-Op only works if the HOST player is in the game. If I HOST the game and my buddy joins, he creates a NEW character in my game. If I am not playing, then my friend cannot play in that game. His solo game player in his console is a separate character.

g-portal are hosting rent-able ps4 servers.

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I believe G-Portal also rents for the XBOX. Those rented servers will be sufficient.

He was saying you cant run a decent sized server from a console itself.

I thought I was pretty clear in my reply, but thanks for the clarification @Elekai