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Finally updated the game the other day after several months of playing other stuff (Monster Hunter, RDR2, Tales of Berseria, Subnautica, etc)

Was it ever decided whether there would be a server setting to adjust this to be faster than what is currently in the game?

I play solo offline, so I’m really hoping this is something to be added. But I can’t remember whether this was just players on the forum asking for it, or if it was said that it would be a thing.

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Just players asking for it. There won’t be a server setting to adjust the dodge roll, not really feasible.

I am really hoping so too Crysis. I am not going to get too involved in this subject, as it is one of only a select few here on the forum which makes me negative and grouchy.

My understanding of the issue is that after the largely negative feedback resulting from the Momentum system, Funcom was going to (eventually) add a Server Setting which would allow people to switch back to the classic dodge. Although Ignasis recently said that this was a misunderstanding, I could almost swear that was what was stated in response to Momentum feedback somewhere. Unfortunately I simply dont have the time availability to go digging for the statement, but you could always try for yourself if you like Crysis.

It’s a shame.

It just looks so damn stupid, to be blunt about it. Brand new character, no weight at all on them. Tap Circle and it’s still got this slow motion effect, that only seems to apply to the character.

Makes it like that comedy with the two guys in slow motion, while everything else moves at normal speed, but I can’t think of it offhand.

Sad that Exiles has just gone to hell, it seems.

I actually thought this too briefly, and I (as you know) write the dev stream summaries. I had to go back and check my notes (it’s time stamped and all of that as usual in my previous write up). They were talking about the Momentum system when Alex brought up possibly bringing in server settings adjustments.

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I think the new dodges can still work and be effective Crysis, but they just need adjusting. While Ignasis said there are no immediate plans to do this, he also said that he would not rule it out entirely for the future. In the meantime, I feel that the new dodge could benefit from one or more of these changes:

1. Have Agility points also increase the speed and the distance of the roll
To me this one is a no brainer. If we are making Agility the stat which governs yhe dodge, then it should govern ALL aspects of the dodge, not just the recovery speed, which is only one faccet of it. The more we pay (in terms of Agility points) the better it should get across the board.

2. Restore the (classic) Nimble Tumbler perk level 3 and move it to level 3
Here is the perfect way to make Medium and Light armor competitive again without weakening the Heavy sets. This was actually a really good perk! However if it was more affordable in the first place everyone would have brought it, and Heavy armor users would now be dodging like Medium armor users. It not to late to do just that now.

Drat. Multi which Dev Stream (date) was it mate, can you recall? As much as I disliked Momentum I wouldnt mind if it returned in the form of an Admin Setting.

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Agility would be a nice fix for it.

Honestly from what I saw, the roll I got while just wearing the basic fiber stuff crafted on that starting road through the desert, seemed like it would make more sense for wearing Medium Armor, not Light Armor/Clothing level stuff.

The light armor roll needs to be faster by default.

Momentum is all well and good, they just need to fix things to reflect the outfits worn.

Naked, unencumbered needs the fastest rolls.
Light armor, unencumbered needs to come in after this.
Then Medium armor and Heavy armor in a similar fashion.
With the slowest rolls being Heavy armor, while encumbered.

yeah it sucks that you are no longer an anime character that roll as if it was sonic on esteroids, too bad for funcom killing this game with a more strategic and (kindoff) realistic dodge roll.
bad funcom, bad!

Rather useless of you to even be here, isn’t it? You have nothing useful or productive to say. So in essence, you’re really just a waste of space. That’s the real bad thing here.

Instead of trying to boost your ego with posts like this, maybe you should go watch some films or martial arts videos. The slow roll we are given, even when barely wearing anything at all, is at least half as slow as it should legitimately be.

You have to call it what it is. Funcom dumbed things way down so people would quit whining that their PvP gank targets were rolling and getting away from them. So they gave us this system, colored as a necessity for horses (to quiet all those who’ve been badgering them for mounts for months). When really it’s just to get the PvP players to shut up for a few more months while they come up with their next nerfs to start the cycle anew, and keep some semblance of life on the official servers.

I think it’s a sinking ship at this point.

It’s kind of funny. No Man’s Sky started out piss-poor, but they have went out of their way to add a lot of amazing content and vastly improved the game.

Conan Exiles used to be a lot more fun, but a number of additions are just not great at all. So it’s kind of running the opposite as NMS did.

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