Make new movement/dodge a server setting, please

Hi Funcom. Good job with the horses and the new thralls, thank you for fixing the thrall feeding system, thank you for increasing the stack sizes, and thank you for allowing us to rename our thralls.

There has been a lot of discussion on the pros and cons of the new movement and the new dodge change. I hereby propose a solution that has been mentioned many times in several threads.

Make it a server setting.

Please give us two checkboxes in the server settings:

  • Use legacy movement
  • Use legacy dodge

This way, private servers can have the option to opt-out of the fundamental changes to a game mechanic that has been in existence for a long time.

Thank you. Please keep up the good work. We all appreciate your great effort. I am looking forward to what you have in store in terms of DLCs in 2020 (Darfari themed DLC please~?)


Something that I have noticed while playing around with my server. There are 2 settings which I believe were not there before. Haven’t played with their values to see what happens yet but maybe there is a way to adjust at least the movement system:


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Not gonna happen. Systems like these are too integral to the game to support both versions moving forward. At most, you might be able to get a server setting for the acceleration/deceleration part - though I doubt it, outside of Admin Panel shenanigans (where everything goes).

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Now that is interesting. If you do happen to tinker with it at some point Narelle, please do share your findings or experiences with us here.


The legacy setting doesn’t need any more support. Add a warning.

  • enable legacy movement
  • enable legacy dodge

(Warning: legacy settings are no longer supported. May cause issues.)


All power to you if you’d be satisfied with that, though I don’t think Funcom could get away with that. For the record though, I’m not against your idea. I still don’t think it’s realistic - the movement system is way too integral to have multiples of - but I will quit my naysaying, as it’s certainly not up to me to say yes or no in the end :slight_smile:

Best of luck!

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I like the new movement and dodge system way better then the old one :slight_smile: I don’t think it is easy to just shut off the new movement system. They changed the mechanics for the better.

I think people should stop there crying and enjoy that new people are joining the game and having a better time. People need to face that the old system was not good and broken in many ways.

I am looking forward to when they remove the ability to cancel attack animations and nerf the op encumbrance build. No on should be able to carry unlimited amounts of stuff. Que the drams :rofl::joy:

I understand. The fans of the old system needs to understand that we need to accept compromises. I am hoping that my proposal is the best compromise for most of us.

Also, if checking those two settings require you to restart your game, or even start a new character, then so be it. Like I said, compromises.


Nothing you have said contributed in finding a compromise.


If the settings are server wide, I still refuse the new dodge/movement.
As player on officials I can not change these.
When then deactivation should be made available character dependent.
but I already hear the “pro’s” crying : no, it would be unfair to those with these settings activated

i personally like the new dough!

i can actually use heavy armor with going crazy

but i think that light armor could have a better roll cuz even if your wearing nothing you move like a stiff potato

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I think that you [Drunna] Are spot on. This would be an easy and very efficient solution to the problem.
On our server we were crying because we love running, climbing and doing “Parkour” this is no fun anymore.
So if your suggestion is implemented we could change it back. And all the guys who likes to run in “mud”… in the decert and on rocks… can do that. :wink:

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I think that’s probably one of the extremely small number of things that would make me quit right away. I play PVE and my stone farming runs are always for at least 20k stone, sometimes 110k. Even back before they increased the stacking for stone, I would go as close to 20k as I could (hitting the inventory space limit was a frequent occurrence back then). Even in those days, it wasn’t as bad as “hey, you can carry at most 2k of stone”.

If there’s some kind of PVP problem with full enc spec players, then the combat should be balanced to account for that, although I’m having a really hard time understanding how someone who plays PVP enough to survive it wouldn’t be capable of running down an overencumbered player…

If there isn’t, then why are you arguing for that change?


If you pull the “i quit if they change this” card, then your opinion dose not matter.

I will say this one more time. If you change something that is without a doubt over powered and a broken mechanic, then you will get more people that will stay and like your game.

There will always be a few people that leave because they like abusive and op things but in the long run those people don’t help your game and you lose a lot of customers if you don’t change it.

I will stay, even if it remains in the game but all the people i play with say that it is stupid that you can empty a whole vauldt and just run off with it if you are encumbrance build or that you have one friend that can carry stuff form the whole dungeon.

I is typical that people can not look at the game as a whole and that people get stuck in there old ways. This patch shows how much people can not have any type of change with out crying about it. Even if the new changes have improved the game greatly! You guys should test it more and try to find new ways of doing stuff.

#MoreDrams :wink:

I do not think there should be a compromise, they are dammed if they do and dammed if they don’t. Ether way they need to look at the player base and all the numbers related to dlc byers.

Oh, that reminds me. It was a little disappointing that the horse feeding trove is just a visual thing and does not actually work :’(

I was trying to explain to you that making a compromise is not as easy to do as you think, since they changed a lot of the mechanics in the engine.

I will say this again, i love the new changes and devs are going in the right direction :slight_smile:

Which is why I asked if it is possible to make it an option for private servers. Some people are used to the old mechanics and don’t want to change.

This is not an argument against the new system. This is a feature request. I am requesting it because I would like to have this feature. Whether you like this feature or not has nothing to do with my request because it will not affect you in anyway if Funcom does decide to grant me my request.

If my wish comes true, you can uncheck the option. You can play on the official server. Meanwhile, I can enjoy the old mechanic offline or on the private serves I run. We both win.

I call it a compromise because there are people who wishes that the official servers revert back to the old setting. I no longer advocate for that.

Yes we are stuck in the past. And yes we understand that it is time for PvP to move forward. All I am asking is that there is an option for those who do not wish to move forward be left alone and stuck in the past on their own servers.

Once again, I repeat, I do not advocate for changing things back to the old ways on the official servers. I repeat, this will not affect you at all. I am making a compromise. You do not have to make any compromise.

This is a request for an additional setting that only matters to those who play offline and on private servers. I am not asking Funcom to change anything on the official servers. NO.


Um, why? I’m not using it as an argument, I’m just giving context. The actual argument was everything else that followed. It’s not a card game, dude. We’re not trying to win something, we’re having a discussion. At least, that’s what I was hoping for.

No disrespect, but I’m still waiting to hear an argument about what makes it overpowered. Then maybe we could start a conversation about how to fix it. Otherwise, it’s just you telling people that they should play the way you say, because you’re right. And that’s not very convincing, is it? :man_shrugging:

Now we’re getting somewhere. So if the grievance is that people are running away with the whole vault, then there’s definitely room for improvement there. Just a few things off the top of my head:

  • Make the 5th encumbrance perk allow you to run overencumbered, but add a damage received multiplier, so you soak up damage like crazy.
  • Make the 5th encumbrance perk allow you to run overencumbered, but decrease all healing received to 25%.
  • Implement a stamina cost multiplier that is directly proportional to the overencumbrance, i.e. the more you’re over your encumbrance limit, the more stamina is spent for any action that uses it.

I’m sure devs could come up with many, many more ideas that fix the PVP problems and don’t just take away a valuable PVE tool.

Sure, but that friend then can’t fight for shit. Why is that overpowered?

I would also say it’s typical that many people don’t want to consider any other ideas than their own. Both of these behaviors are just human nature :wink: I’d say we can all work to overcome that in ourselves. I don’t always succeed, but I try :slight_smile:

Yes, they have! I love most of the new changes. And I’ve been participating in discussions about them, trying to exchange opinions on it. Sometimes people might give it another try because you give them an idea on how to approach things.

Hell, I can say from personal experience that I hated the new dodge the first time it came out. Then a player on my server that I respect greatly said something in chat along the lines of “the new dodge isn’t for disengaging, it’s for negating an attack”. That’s where it clicked for me. I tried it, I loved it and I don’t wanna go back.

All I’m trying to say here, let’s keep our minds open, but that works both ways :wink:


I have tried changing the values to like 100 but I don’t see any difference. That doesn’t mean there is nothing in the works, though.

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Agreed and upvoted.

Thank you all for supporting the idea. I hope the Devs will take this into consideration.

I can already see the potential problems with this request, though. The devs have mentioned in an earlier livestream that that are going to at some point change the word bosses’ behaviors so the new dodge can work with them as well. This might be a better solution for everyone because that will take care of the need for the PvE players on the official servers. If that happens, leaving the old dodge as an option might not be necessary.

If that is indeed the route Funcom decides to take, I will make another request to make the new dodge look “prettier.” Right now the new dodge doesn’t look very polished just yet.