Does anyone still play with bows? Is the low damage authentic?

Does anyone still play with bows? They dropped damage rate insanly. I do not think this is authentic.

What do you think about this, or am I wrong?

I agree it’s a tad low. Just to try, I went 50 (+17 from gear) in bow and crafted starmetal arrows, and the damage is still not very good. I agree with the idea that range damage should be lower than melee, since it has the advantage of range, but it’s a little bit too low as it is now. And the level 50 talent doesn’t seem to work, at all. No damage increase on headshot what so ever.

Devs said they never intended range combat to be thing, but more of a suppliment, but I can’t see why not put some more effort into balancing it instead so that people that enjoy the hunter style can play it.

for PvE it is a great way to kill things as the AI won’t activate till you get to a certain distance so you can basically just slaughter things at range without aggro. They stand perfectly still if you stay out of the AI activation range. Rhinos, Thrall camps. Everything is easy enough. I want them to fix that but I kinda don’t lol

Used a bow once and never looked back the damage is underwhelming however you need it for bosses with a maxed inventory of arrows

Yeah… the AI needs some work…

It’s not even needed for bosses, it only takes longer time with bow… The ONLY upside with bow, is that you can use a fighter thrall as a companion and not instantly slaughter it yourself :stuck_out_tongue: