Does Conan taunt you like he taunts me?

So I’m working from home for reasons we are all probably familiar with now (unless you are Jared Leto… he’s so smug) and it’s VERY hard for me not to pick up my PS4 controller and play Conan Exiles when I’m supposed to be working. I thought I’d create a fun little poll to see how hard it is for everyone else to focus on work when the best game ever created is readily available. How hard is it for you to resist the pull of the exiled lands (1 being easy, 10 being hard as rocknose defecation)?

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Fortunately we are still working as their is no home option. But we have 3 day weekend. Work 4 10 hour days. This game has killed my garage projects and fishing.


It’s easy because if the VPN is established, I don’t play games.

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Or he wished he would have isolated for 2 months instead, then would have missed most of the “fun” ?

i work from home so i’m used to it… and with used to it i mean i play quite often when i should be working :stuck_out_tongue:

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Since this game was included in the xCloud beta experience, it is much, much easier to get your Exile fix on the go… That is if you can have access to decent internet connection for the game to run…

I am working at home currently too, the last week of an internship for my studies and I have to say I don’t have many problems being distracted by games because I love the work I have to do so much :smile:

My interest in Conan Exiles has tanked a few weeks ago. I’m just refreshing now, waiting to see if Funcom’s going to do anything to make it worth coming back. :man_shrugging:

In the mean time, I’m having lots of fun with inFamous and inFamous 2, but those are on PS3 downstairs, so that doesn’t tempt me while I’m working. No, what’s really hard to avoid playing while I’m supposed to be working is… Manic Miner!

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I should probably take my gaming computer with me to my office so I could play Conan Exiles when it’s quiet. Whenever I’m at home, there are so many other projects that distract me from playing CE. (I just bought a lamp with a magnifying lens for miniature painting. I’m still getting used to it.)

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Well I am one of the few people who can entirely work remotely at my office, and seeing as I am the I.T department for a massive social/sports/golf club we are a high risk business for infection due to the constant foot traffic of members. But no they want to stay open for as long as they can at operate normally as if nothing is wrong. They are waiting for something bad to happen before they take any measures such as allowing employees to work remotely. Despite government insisting all companies FORCES employees who are able to work remotely to do so. How many F***s do you think my company gives? 0.

If I was working remotely I would be feeling the Conan temptation but having multiple monitors makes managing such things not a problem :wink: . For now I just hope each day that I don’t catch it from one of the tons of people I have to interact with here… It’s tons of fun and I am totally not feeling like an expendable meaningless ■■■■ willingly sacrificed on the front line and all in the name of the bottom line at all costs. Don’t you just love the big corporate lifestyle.

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Since you are enjoying infamous, have you played prototype? Its somewhat similar, really cool game. Prototype 2 is not as good, but not bad overall.

I don’t have Prototype. When inFamous came out, I had to choose between it and Prototype and people weren’t as happy w/ Prototype.

I dropped conan again after the mounts/thrall patch.
I enjoyed it until I could, but then it became lame again, now I’m home
(well, I’m a king without a reign and a sceptre if you know what I mean) but still CE isn’t alluring me back to the exile lands.
Maybe in the future, if I have one, I will come back!

I voted 1. It is business as usual for us.

I’m still going to work every day, so even if I wasn’t taking a break from the game I wouldn’t have any extra time to devote to it.

Sorry, Darth, only one option for me since I don’t have to work :stuck_out_tongue:



I voted 1 since I’m at the office seven days a week this time of year, virus or no.

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