Does every NPC need a stunlock/knockdown?

This artificial difficulty using a cheap gimmick is stupid. Make them better not cheaper with knockdown and stunlock spam. And yes i do roll out of it but if you have 2 NPCs with fast weapons you’re just flinching over and over and getting pushed back into a corner.

I’ve even used a shield and for some reason half the time i’ll hold the shield up and i’m being hit as if i’m not using one. I’ll be in mid heavy swing with a polearm or a mace and i’m flopped on the ground cause of an NPC LIGHT ATTACK. Not a heavy. A LIGHT ATTACK MAKES ME FLOP ON THE GROUND.

Get your act together and remove the poor quality gimmicks that you crutch on.

Light armor and a spear and you should rarely get hit if you’re careful. This game plays like a Souls game moreso than other RPGs, so if you’re good at those you’ll likely be successful using similar tactics in this game.


Screw dark souls. Screw there need to be like that gimmick crap game. be a better game stop trying to copy everyone else.

be a better player and stop whining because you cant kill a dumb npc.

I can kill them WHEN I"M ALLOWED TO SWING. Cause all their light attacks can interrupt and stun lock you. I don’t have this issue in other game since NPCs in those other games don’t interupt and stunlock you with every hit and seem to ignore all of your hits and muscle through them. Forbid that you want to face more then one NPC.

In conclusion the combat needs to be fixed and people need to remove the mindset that every game needs to be like dark souls.

What you say is strange. I do not see any particular issue in combat. you should be easily knocked down by a light attack if your enemy uses a spear. Spears are supposed to do that. And you can do it as well.
Swinging is sometime not easy with a sword in particular against small animals.
If you use sword and board you need to be very close to your foe to hit.
Blocking is an art. if you play in third person you should look exactly in front of your enemy to block with efficacy. If your camera is too hig, you block towards the ground and you get hit.
And heavy attack with axes to break shields (ok. high level shields are not so easily breakable).
And do not use heavy armours. Even if they give a lot of damage reduction, they don’t permit you to dodge. Dodge save your life easily and make your combat “acrobatic”

What bothers me most is that even low level npc’s (wearing one or two pieces of light armor and low grade weapon) are far better at interrupting my attacks than i am (lvl 60, full high grade medium armor and -weapons) at interrupting their attacks.

You have to time your attacks. There is a delay after their combos where you have a window of opportunity to attack. Once their attack animation has begun, they generally cannot be staggered. Your character is the same. Don’t just mash your attack button. Walk toward the NPC, wait for the tell that they’re attacking, then just walk back or to the side. Attacks are so easy to dodge in this game you don’t even have to roll.

Not so much the other way around though:

My attack has already begun, the NPC’s attack starts after that, and then their attack interrupts mine.

That’s the price for using a shield. You can block anything but your attacks do not stunlock. Use a greatsword or spear and most NPCs will never land a hit aside from their highly-telegraphed uninterruptable attack which you can dodge away from.

Being bad at a combat style, or trying to use a combat style in a situation where it is not optimal (shield vs more than 1 opponent) isn’t a game problem. It’s a you problem.

Oh I can’t agree with that! I use axe + shield in almost every single encounter and I mow down every type of enemy, even large groups, with ease. 3/4 heavy attacks in a combo provides good AoE damage and does stun-lock some enemies, depending on what weapon they are using, pretty much any non two-handed weapon it seems and stun-locks many non-human creature, not all, but close. Can’t stun very large creatures of course.

Don’t let enemies get inside your shield, block and back away to keep them in front and you can block almost every single attack in the game. Few things are unblockable, such as dragon fire, giant snake attacks and heavy combo finishers from two-handed hammers, axes and maces (they all have shieldsmash). I can’t think of anything else I was unable to block.

And if you’re using a shield, you might as well wear heavy armor. Then with a good one-handed weapon you can obliterate groups of enemies and soak up some hits with no problem. (Almost nothing can interrupt heavy axe attacks, try that with heavy armor and you’ll be a boss, at least in PvE).

I made a short video of me blocking enemy attacks a while back when someone said that 3/4 enemy attacks bypass shields.

Stupid Blocking Video
The only hits I sustain when the shield is up are from the side and the back.

I’ll be happy to record something better to demonstrate how I fight with axe and shield if you want, just let me know.

I’m backing up with my shield and yet i’m still hit and knocked down so Something is broken.

Or when a spear or something is clearly out of reach visually but still hitting you and making you flop onto the ground and lay on your chest and face something is wrong. Or in the middle of a huge heavy swing and their basically attack staggers you but they can muscle through all of your attack? In single player? Yea something is wrong.

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