Does Range Not Modify Hit Chance?

I have Dux with 20 Range on a weapon and Selma & Magnus with 13 Range on a their weapons. I am trying to get the drop on a ghoul so I move Dux to a position and he gets a 75% to hit with his weapon. So I move him to another position which I think is further and he still gets 75%. At this point I’m thinking to myself that maybe they are the same distance and I just can’t tell. So I have Selma move to the first position I moved Dux to and she also has a 75% hit chance! I don’t understand. Does the Range stat not have any bearing on Hit Chance?

I’ve only been playing for a bit and I play it on the low difficulty, but usually if its always at 75 it means they are behind or near a low cover. this reduces your hit chance by 25%, so you have to flank them or use a flare to get 100%. if they are not behind any cover and are out in the open then you just have to get really close.

The ghoul is standing out in the open and has no cover.

Sounds weird. Maybe it depends on the difficulty? On hard the Hit chance clearly changes depending on how far away the enemy is. Well at least the chances between 100% and 75% change. Never had 50% or lower through distance modificators by now.

That makes sense I guess. But I check with multiple characters from the same distance.

I am seeing it constantly now. Characters at the same distance to an enemy who is out in the open have 75% hit chance even though they have different Range stats. Kind of aggravating to be honest.

I’m pretty sure the answer is - in those cases - 75% is your highest possible hit number, so getting closer doesn’t help. Try tossing a flare on top of them, it may be that the cover of darkness is what’s lowering your chance to hit.

You can test it a bit with having the same kind of weapon with different range mods. I’m just going from memory now so might be a little bit off, and I have only done some light testing.

Range = max tiles you can shoot, on even ground (don’t know if you can shoot further with an elevated position).
Without any advantages all weapons regardless of range have 100% up to somewhere around 5-6 tiles.
Range and weapon type affect how far you have 75% hit chance. If you have a hight advantage or a flare you will notice a difference due to that 25% bonus and 75% upgrades to 100%.

So the Range stat does not increase your max engagement range, but increases your optimal range? So there is a concept of Max range and optimal range kind of like projectile weapons in Eve Online?

I’m not entirely sure but it looks like the accuracy drops off in increments of 25% as range from the target increases. Increased Range stat just allows you to attack from further away. I’ve been at around 25 range with a height advantage and still only had 75% hit on a target out in the open whereas if I hide behind a tree and let them patrol next to me, I can ambush with a 100%. (Very Hard)

I wish it was a little clearer in-game :stuck_out_tongue:

The range is weird in this game, or maybe just easy to misunderstand. I’m level 64 right now and my Dux has a 33 range sniper rifle and 16 range crossbow. Bormin has an 18 range LR678 and 15 range Needle pistol. I can walk right to the outer edge of a level 60 enforcement bots detection circle and when i hit ambush (no cover, no hiding just sneaking stance) here are the percentages i see:

33 range rifle = 100%, move 1 square away = 75%
16 range crossbow = 75%, move 1 square away = 75%, move 1 square closer = 100% (and detected since i’m in their detection circle)

I took Bormin to the exact same spot and repeated everything.

18 range LR678 = 100%, move 1 square away 100%
15 range needle = 100%, move 1 square away 75%

The weird thing is that Bormin has the +25% range passive. The above numbers for Dux is WITHOUT his 25% range passive equipped. See how Dux’s accuracy goes from 100 to 75 even though his rifle has a 33 range vs Bormins 18? now when i equip Dux with the 25% increased range passive then his range behaves the same way as Bormin. In the same spot they are at 100% and when i back both of them away 1 tile it is still 100%. Like i said…the range in this game is weird.

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One thing I really liked about the more simplistic Mario + Rabbids is that they had grids they would show on the ground for shots as well as movement. I wish they would show you a similar thing to the move/sprint overlay for firing a given weapon so you could tell when you’d hit various range penalties. Would be especially nice to have access to these while also deciding where to move (though that gets complicated, UI wise).

There is something similar in this game actually, while selecting a location to move to it shows you hit percentages on various targets by the targets themselves.

Yeah, I’m talking more of an overlay to help you plan things out, instead of having to mouse here, then here, then here, then here, etc. Much like seeing the overall move/sprint boundaries, it helps you get more of a holistic picture.

So everyone has the same max range and the Range stat affects the optimal range within that? I maybe someone from Bearded Ladies can clear this up for us?

Started a new game over to try some things. Here’s the % hits I’m getting on an ambushed (not seen) target in open cover in terms of squares.

Range 8 Scattergun

Straight line

  • 1-4: 100%
  • 5-6: 75%
  • 7-8: 50%
  • > 8: Out of Range


  • 1-2: 100%
  • 3-4: 75%
  • 5: 50%
  • > 5: Out of range

Range 10 Crossbow/Stinger

Straight line

  • 1-5: 100%
  • 6-8: 75%
  • 9-10: 50%
  • > 10: Out of Range


  • 1-3: 100%
  • 4-5: 75%
  • 6-7: 50%
  • > 7: Out of Range

Granted, this is with the shortest range guns but I thought it might be a good starting point.

In a straight line, you get half the range at 100%, 1/4 the range at 75% and then the last 1/4 at 50%. There is no 25% on a target in open cover and flat ground.

Diagonal changes that a bit. And I’d also like to know what if it rounds up/down if you have something like Range 11.

Did some tests with a pair of Boomsticks because my 10 range Gaper couldn’t hit 100% from 4 spaces away while my Crossbow could. This is not counting the space you stand on, only the spaces between you and the target. Weapon mods give 20-30%(Mod), Snazzy Visor 25%(SV), Eagle Eye 25%(EE), In Light 25%(IL).

1-3: No Buff, Mod, SV, (Mod+SV)
1-4: EE, (Mod+EE), (SV+EE), (Mod+SV+EE)
1-5: In Light
1-6: (IL+Mod), (IL+SV), (IL+EE)
1-8: (IL+Mod+SV), (IL+Mod+EE), (IL+SV+EE)
1-11: (IL+Mod+SV+EE)

So it seems that weapon mods and the Snazzy Visor are useless for shotguns unless the enemy is lit with a Chem Flare, Molotov, or campfire. Now the real question is how does this effect weapons with higher base range like sniper rifles. Edit: 1-23: (IL+EE+SV+30%) for snipers on the ground.

I’m finding this a little hard to grok because you just say “Mod” without specifying if it’s the 20% or 30% one.

It makes no difference on shotguns whether you use 20% or 30% because the base range is so low.