Does this sounds like a cheat or not?

So our server is mostly dead at this point but once again we got a player from the far east who we have caught cheating with undermesh, etc.

Recently we finally got him out of his undermesh base and he moved elsewhere.

For the last several weeks we’ve been having frequent high ping issues (which I believe others have commented on) but recently we are getting disconnected (even when the ping is low and green). Once it happens you can log right back in with no problem.

Last night it seemed like the disconnects didn’t happen till the cheater logged in and they were happening like every 10 to 15 minutes (he was the only person who stayed online all night from what I could tell - other folks got frustrated and quit playing). Now I’m not going to rule out coincidence but no disconnects this morning and afternoon when he is not on.

So this is the part that has me scratching my head. I made it a point to log in and check events every 30 min or so last night to make sure he was not raiding us. At the time, the events did not show anything. This morning, guess what? The events show that he raided one of our small outposts but it was at a time I should have seen it??

Could this just be a coincidence and related to poor server performance or is the cheater doing another cheat lol.

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Go into single player mode and try it for “10 to 15 minutes”. That’ll help rule out coincidence or not.

Why Singleplayer?

Yeah I didn’t quite follow that either

Hey, I’m trying to help. The alternative is this:

Just try it out and let us know how the performance is doing.

Thank you Dzonatas. I was just confused on how to use single player to test it.

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