Don't want my horse to attack

When I have both a thrall and a horse with me, if I command my thrall to attack aomething the horse tries attacks too. Is there a way to have just my thrall attack?


Yeah, I would like to be able to differentiate between my mount and my fighter thrall when giving commands.

Honestly, I find as a console player, while useful on occasion, the commands generally get in the way.

I find myself giving commands by accident often, which can be very annoying (though this might be a reflection of the limitations of using a controller, rather than a keyboard)

Lately, since these last couple of updates, I have actually found my fighter thralls basically ignoring my commands. They never attack anything I ask them to (just get the message that they cannot) nor do they seem able to move anywhere I ask them to either, sometimes for no real clear reason from what I can tell.

Another issue , though this is slightly different to the above, is I find just ‘placing’ thralls is a chore these days, they seem to be a lot more sensitive about flooring for some reason.


OMG! The thrall placement! “must be placed on a walkable floor”. Well I’m dancing all over the area I wanna place them, so it’s definitely walkable :expressionless:

And yes, it would be great to be able to command my thrall without my mount thinking it’s a fighter. I lost 1 horse at the Mounds when I wasn’t paying attention and ran into a group. Panicked and commanded my thrall to attack as I ran around like a whiney bish. So the horse decided to go too. Guess who they dogpiled on immediately? Yup, the horse. Dead. just got it leveled too.

Funny enough, I play PC but use a controller for movement/fighting. Never was a K/M fan. But I grew up with a controller in my hand, so maybe that’s why.


It could use some work. There are often times you need to command your mount out of the way (sometimes you still can’t) after going thru an obby as an example, so being able to command the mount is crucial. Even tho I play pc, I use a controller so I don’t know how it could be implemented smoothly to have the commands separated. The wheels would need retooled for a command like “Disperse!” for all your followers to just run away from you or something, and then leave the insta commands for the fighting follower.


Whenever I have both a thrall and a horse, when I give the attack command, I get the message that the horse was ordered to attack, but it doesn’t move a bit in the direction of the order while my thrall runs off.

I thought it might be an Authority perk causing the issue, as I normally play with 0 Authority, but I tested it in singleplayer with all Authority perks, and I could not get my horse to follow an attack command.

I am wondering if those who experience this bug are mistakenly giving the move order and not attack.

Since when horses can attack?

I never used horses much but as far as i remember they were not able to attack right?

They don’t.

OK, I’ve had this happen so much I don’t even take a horse with me anymore. But when I get off work today, I’ll try it again for like the hundredth time just to be extra sure. If I can figure out how to make and post a vid, I will.

They don’t actually try to attack. They just run in, get hit and try to run away. The thrall does attack tho, but for some reason the enemies target the mount over anything else.

Then it must be bug, i dont remember horses trying to behave like that earlier - they used to just follow you and run if there’s enemy near them.

Happy cakeday @b3l14l :+1:t6:.
So far i have the same issue! But i experience both

So it’s like a kinder chocolate egg.
The three perks in agility, this “freedom” and the horses named “todiesoon”, made me have decorative horses again!
Horses no longer attack, it’s years now actually that they don’t, so this order should be only for the attacking follower and not for the horse. I love the fact that now you can have a follower from your base! What i mean is that sometimes i want to go somewhere on foot but return with my horse. I say, follow, stop, i go where i need to go, clear the area and order move, after a few seconds my horse will spawn close to me.
For this i can only send them my big love once more!
This tweak on horses not to take the order to attack and it will be simply perfect!

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I think it could be even better if we could have choice of giving command to followers and horses or followers only or horse only and maybe even different input settings for both - that way it would satisfy all players with a lot of choice.

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Thanks! :grin:

I’ll take the ol’ mare out this evening and play around with it to be absolutely 110% sure I’m not overlooking something.

I was thinking…since I use a controller when out fighting, and the move command and attack command are the same button (X), maybe the thrall is getting the attack command and the mount is getting a move command at the same time?


That would be awesome. Like a key/button to bring up the standard command wheel, and then while that is up a second key/button to bring up the 2nd command wheel? I dunno…something lol


Actually this wouldn’t be a bad idea.

An extra command like, ‘disperse’ or ‘retreat’ could be very useful, especially when a horse teleports onto your head, or when a thrall blocks a doorway.

Sometimes, you just want to direct them out of the way, either for your or their own safety.

Park the horse- command -stop following.

Go in kill what needs to killed, grab horse when done.

Now im getting cocky and commanding thralls to attack all enemies within 10 metres.

Very effective in clearing out the Mounds, New Asgarth and Sep too- for kills or KOs

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Well I guess my foot is in my mouth. Just tried attacking with both a thrall and a mount following me. I get 2 command flags for each to attack, but the horse doesn’t actually try anymore. I’m couldn’t be more happy to be wrong :metal: :laughing:


Most of the times that they will actually move is in the Grey pools! In this case i do what @Akomo does. I say stop following… And as akomo said!
The bad thing with stop following is that your non lvl 20 horse takes no xp from your kills. In this case my workaround is to say to the Thrall stop following, quick order stop to the horse (to a safe point) then follow me to thrall and attack all enemies so i wont have to give quick orders anymore. This way my horse lvl up and do not engage on battles!

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Set the horse to passive before you enter combat. Otherwise the second your thrall attacks it will set of agro for the horse.

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