Thralls Trap Me Against Walls?

I play on Xbox. The interact button is X and so is the thrall command button. I seem to constantly press the button in a fight or when trying to interact with an object like a door. Which send my thrall and horse in the direction I’m pointing. Which means they dog pile me into a wall and I’m stuck. This happens a lot. Then because they are so close, I can’t order them away. It wants to open their inventory. Most times this happens in an area where thrall placement is not allowed, so I can’t move them. All I can do is log out and back in and wait for their scouting setting to move them back home. Currently stuck in game. Any suggestions?

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LOL. I found a solution. I set my thrall to the chicken emote which made him move around and free me.


That’s great :+1: idea. Never really emote my thralls. Thanks @MadNomads

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If you ever have this issue with a pet or a horse, go first person, look to an empty spot and send it there! On horses it’s best to duck sometimes! But nice workaround, i didn’t think of this, thanks for sharing :+1:t6:.


Carry a katana on you and use the special attack , you will pass threw all thralls and players


The old good workaround :+1:t6:, it was a real pain back then :rofl::rofl::rofl:, yes nice suggestion :wink:

I am running an agility build with the double jump. A lot of times I can jump out of the group hug.

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