Thralls too close to you

Getting really fed up with thralls being so close to you,and not even attacking, Funcom what have you done guys, you really messed up with this patch.
Had to pull my bracelet to get out of a situation regarding being stuck inside a horse, tbh it seems to get worse every day. Please fix this ASAP as it spoils the experience of playing this game …


:DD Try asagarth… If u have any thrall following u, that guy will go in doorframe in each doors there, and block u out, then wont listen to any commands like move or leave… he will just watch u die from starvation, and then he will block u there, when u will return to ur items… 15 min block till items will disappear … then he will “return” home happy … (moment when i cleaned him naked afterward and sended him into Red mother den was best feeling in day )


This happened to me, so i got really close to him at the door, pull my bracelet and came back to grab my stuff. Lessons learned tho, never go into buildings with a thrall following there,


Experienced this the other day with my Elephant pet.

Turn around. No elephant in sight.
Use the new ‘Return’ command. Nothing.
Use the ‘Return’ command again. Nothing.
Use the ‘Return’ command again. Elephant teleports right on top of me. Enveloping me like an amoeba with a fresh kill.

I’m stuck. I can’t jump, crawl, or roll out of this elephant. He won’t move. I can’t tell him to move. The ‘use’ wheel won’t work 'cause I’m permanently targeting the inside of an elephant. Spamming the use key doesn’t work, pet plays dumb. Logging in and out doesn’t work, it’s still there waiting for me… waiting on top of me.

Had to log off for 15 minutes and wait for the elephant to get bored and return home.


Oh dear, oh dear. I honestly got into this thread expecting you to have the same trivial issues as I do, namely that sometimes, when ordering the thrall to attack I instead open the thrall inventory because the thrall follows me so closely that her clickable area enters the screen.

I had no idea some people got it as bad as you guys are reporting.

The “Move” command to get a thrall out of a doorway is, admittedly, working less than perfectly because you need to be able to target your reticle somewhere for the thrall to move. And when the idiot is standing in the only open space between you and freedom…

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There is option for thralls commands in settings, that one can be edited, but any way they most times not listen to u or bug somewhere under textures or doorframes…

Thank you for reporting this. The problem with thralls being too close is bad enough combined with the inventory-problem. This should be fixed with highest priority. I do not get, how this annoying behaviour could not be discovered while testing.

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She actually killed him? Figured she’d just push him under the map and reset. Thats been my dreadful experience with her farming bow and torch. Buggy, wonky, frustrating mess.

It was, just not fixed before coming to live…

I am on Xbox, we had already the secondary patch that should have fixed the worst behaviour with this, but my thrall still comes too close……

My horse loves me so much, he just wants to hug me all the time, especially when I am mining. He just can’t help himself.

Didn’t they fix this on PC? Are you all on Xbox and console?

I am on PS4 , so no fixes for us yet.

Don’t get me wrong I appreciate the intimacy, just makes getting through those pesky doorways a chore.

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We are getting a new setting for it with patch 2.3. Unfortunately, consoles are “a bit” behind.