Qiestion: trapped by your thralls

I seem to do this way too often. That is, go to click on something and accidentally give the command to move to my thralls amd horse. They pile on top of me amd its almost impossible to escape. I can sometimes go into 1st person amd get them to move, or just pick them up amd move them. But, there are places wjere neither works. Are there any other tricks? Logging out doesnt work for me.

They need to make thralls amd horses unable to stand on top of you.

What helped me get past this is on Vanilla is remap my key binding for Thrall commands (attack / move) off the default ‘E’ to my ‘T’ (I don’t use in game voice). Not 100% perfect, but helped in many situations.

I have lately fallen in love with Savage Wilds and many of the mods out there. Better Thralls incorporated a “Move Away” command that works great. Really sad that modders can put “professionals” to such shame.

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Thanks for the tips. Im on ps5, so on a controller. This last time i was in warmakers, at the arena champion. In a dungeon i can wait for mobs to respawn but none were near. I was finally able to free myself by not just logging out but restarting the game. Put me at the dungeon entrance, so was able to run back to my thralls.

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Make a Katana the weapon strike can get you out of thrall entrapment it was brought up years ago don’t always remember to do it. Doesn’t need to be special just basic experiment with it and you will see how it works. @Sky1


What sestus2009 said.

You want to carry a katana on you. Make it as light as possible.
The special attack from a katana will allow you to go through your thralls.


I’ve found that most times I can jump and badically jump out of my thrall.

Jumping works often, but not always. It helps if you have double-jump (Rolling thrust is overrated anyway). Wine Cellar has many nooks and crannies where you need to crawl in order to get Khari steel or other loot, and it’s easy to find your thrall blocking the only way out. Double-jump lets you clear your thrall, as well as many of the low walls down there.

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Thanks for the tips, definitely going to use them.

Crouching also works a lot of the time when this happens. Katana dash is also a very reliable method.

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