Horse attacking?

While on a horse i can send my thrall to attack seems to work fine. BUT when Im off the horse and tell thrall to attack my horse is sent to attack also. How do I stop sending the horse with the thrall at the same time?

It’s just a message though, the horse doesn’t actually go attack, he hides in a corner instead :stuck_out_tongue:

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Its not just a message. The horse goes with the thrall and gains the initial aggro if it gets ahead of the thrall. The horse doesnt attack…just shows off to get noticed. Can be rather annoying in close quarters fighting.

Ah that’s likely intended as a “feature” because you can get stuck between your horse and an object, so being able to command the horse away is a plus. There could be a way to separate the two commands tho. The only issue would be if when your in the ■■■■, does it create an undesirable delay.

My horse moves faster than the thrall so always ends up getting aggro first, then while the horse returns i tell the thrall to attack, then horse gets attacked first and thrall is chasing the mob because my horse is running away from the mob. Only way to avoid this is to climb onto the horse then tell mob to attack, then i have to climb off the horse to mine the mob, that is annoying. The setting before was the horse staying behind me. I liked that before. The horse dies easier now too. Thats annoying also as the horse gets stuck in stupid places and allows himself to get killed. They have always had that problem. I also have to click on the horse several times to mount and using the shortcut wheel to mount doesnt make any difference.

That’s weird, from my experience the horse does not react at all to the attack command, despite the text notification popping up. It only goes there if you misclick on the ground and accidentally do a “move” command instead, but when I have my cursor on the enemy, the horse either stays where they are or in fact goes further back to “hide”.

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