Horses don't attack now?

I don’t know if it’s just me or what but my horse isn’t attacking anymore?


nope horses stopped attacking since the new patch. it was part of the thrall overhaul system that came up with this patch

Yea so what happens if you take just a horse out or they get pinned but a swarm? It’s a really dumb idea. Yay you can have both a thrall and horse but if anything attacks the horse oh no they won’t defend them self. MOST IMMERISIVE HORSE BEHAVIOUR EVER

whatever happens if u get a horse in real life and it gets swarmed by predators… horse dies…

as for the new system , it is at starting stage , and i believe its flaws will be polished in time, as even me (a player that does not like thralls -for a very long period) can see the potential in this system…

what type of server u play on?(just being curious)


This, precisely. Also the reason why I only ever watched the one episode of “The Walking Dead”.

Officals solo. Haha yes tgey might die but they wouldn’t go down not swinging xD

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well that is true… they would put a fight … but still…

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But still nothing x’D it’s ridiculous. I get it they are worried horse and a thrall will tip balance but in that case have the game half the damage from a horse or something when u have a thrall

I was running along the river and saw someone’s horse get mauled by a demon hyena and it didn’t move an inch. I tried to save it but I was too late and that hyena was super aggro’ed on that helpless horse and didn’t care about me.


And the next best thing is, that random NPCs will attack random horses.

Was running my first round in New Asagarth and oh boi, it doesnt work like it did before :smiley: Too many thralls will follow and kill you. So its harder again - which is nice.

And when I was running out of New Asagarth with 1% hp, there was a random horse parked. >5 NA fighters then attacked the horse :smiley:
And it just did nothing…

After I had my health back, my thrall and I killed all the fighters, so that the horse doesnt die.

So, I have no problem with horses being a passive companion. But it shouldnt “aggro” NPCs.

PS.: This horse wasnt mine or anyone from my clan. Total stranger…


i like they don’t attack anymore, i wish they wouldn’t follow either.

Having some experience with horses both tame and in the wild, I can confirm that they would not just die.

A horse should necessarily be able to kill things or protect the player, especially against the more dangerous wildlife, but it shouldn’t stand in terror while some piss ant hyena nips at it. Especially the gargantuan horses we have running around the Exiled Lands.


I feel like they recognize the real threat. Some poor fool who spends most of his time running around picking up sticks and rocks, or the might Dalinsia of the Cimmerians, a level 20 goddess with 1.2 million health? They probably assume I’m the thrall.

And given how they mob the poor girl, I’m totally ok with it.

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Yeah… Also noticed that. But the thralls in “default command” also kill everything in sight, as soon as you kill 1 thing. It never stops…

Was going to the volcano with a lvl2 Daicas. He just didnt stop killing everyone. Even passive ones. As soon as he saw someone, he killed them.
Then I changed the command to “protect me” and he finally stopped that.

What is the default command thralls have?

Thats why I made this thread: QoL improvement: Have the thrall behavior changeable in the menu

But it got no response…

I dont need to run to all my archers, to give them guard area. Or to all my dancers, to say “do nothing”. And knowing it, would also be great…

After the last patch you can have a horse and a Warriors/Archer/pet. The funcom turn the horses to passive mode to have a balancing chance.

When swarmed , running away is not an easy option…

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these are warhorses… they would put up a fight. I can understand why they don’t since we can have a thrall along too, but in reality, they would be crushing skull with their hooves.

It’s like comparing a lazy golden retriever to a trained attack rottweiler or german shepherd to say they wouldn’t fight…

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I was just riding along noob river, trying to level up my new horse since my last horse got stuck on three rocks and died trying to run away from Lian (it was my first time exploring that area). Back home, the server disconnected everyone, and when I got back, my horse had died to the hyenas I was fighting. This is actually absurd that bugs like this affect gameplay in such a negative manner. I’ve lost two horses in less than an hour because of poor mechanics and server performance. Clearly horses are not worth using anymore, which is too bad, but I’m also afraid to even leave my base now I’m being disconnected so often.

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I hate how aggro npcs are now. You can’t kite them like you use and they swarm a thrall fast. It might be worth leveling a horse to 20 in just vitality so I can spilt the load and the level 3s at mounds won’t kill mine xD