Double Rhino spawn at the Shattered Springs

Game mode: SP with no mods.

Just had this double grey Rhino spawn at the Shattered Springs.

I’ve met rhino calf wandering there in Official server. So may be it is intended.

Greetings Exile,

Thank you for your report. By any chance, did you change any game settings for your Singleplayer match?

Please share them with us so we can better assess this matter.

We await your reply.

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Greetings @Mayra,

I believe the only things I changed are Thrall Crafting Time and Animal Crafting Time, both to 0.10, as well as enabling nudity.

Thank you for the reply.

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There’s quite a few Rhinos scattered around Westwatch Keep. I get the impression that’s not a bug.

This is just outside of Westwattch Keep. Right before the Shattered Springs brimstone lake. Usually only one rhino spawns here. A great percentage of the time it will be a baby rhino. Thanks for the reply. It’s definitely not from Westwatch.

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