Rhinos spawn double (bug 2.5)

Game: Singleplayer
Lang: Polish
Map: Siptah

  • I saw rhinos spawn double in the new areas of Siptah. Near The Proving Grounds.

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Would you be able to share the coordinates to the location?

Thanks in advance.

I will try to provide more information on this and other topics as I only have the time to test the rest of things I wanted to look at.

I also have the entire original map of the game to check out. :mag:

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Hit Ctrl + Alt + Shift + L, and get the coordinate on your screen, then easy copy it over.

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Rhino twins :rhinoceros: :rhinoceros: :two_hearts:

TeleportPlayer 24652.75 262202.96875 -18915.302734

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Thank you for the additional information and all your support with this test patch. :slight_smile:

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