Downed thralls are disappearing / sinking to the ground

Game mode: [Online - multiplayer - Singleplayer]
Problem: Bug | Performance

This is a recurring annoyance that happens, but for me who play in the single player I can use the ghost mode and recover the thrall that was underground, but on an online server when this bug happens it is very annoying

@Chris_of_Kali that problem is likely experienced more in single player than online. I believe it is known and being worked on in patch.

Hi @Chris_of_Kali, we’re currently aware of the issue and introducing a few new features in the upcoming patches that should improve thrall management, they are currently being slowly incorporated into our testlive server and you can read more about this here:


I have lost one thrall who after I set down to guard, they just vanished when I came back to my base. So maybe it also sank down in the ground? What is ghost mode?

@Alhambra ghost mode is a setting in the admin panel that can be used in a solo offline game or if you are admin in a private server. It allows you to float through the map. Can not be used on official server. Your thrall may show back up on a server reset I have had that happen some times after 2 or 3.


Well I found her but she died following me. I turned off game real quick through the home button so it would not save. She isn’t listed in my event log anywhere but now even in ghost mode I can’t find her. How do I drag her out of there if it happens again? Hold and guard?

I play on an official server and it happens a lot with knocked out and dead thralls

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Yes hold and guard should pull them out. If not have them follow.

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