Download files?

Hello. Do i need to checked all to play on new server? Look at screen:

It was default like that.

The resources should all be available for the Saga of Zath with this initial download. The rest of the game client should download in the background while you begin your trek to Tortage.

If you have any complications or unexpected errors, please contact us through the Support Forum or in game. We’ll be happy to take a look.

You’ll download it all anyway, whatever you don’t check will download in the background while you’re playing. So the less boxes you tick the faster you’ll be able to play (depending on your connection you might get a lot of red bar though).

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Ok thanks :slight_smile: Badly the server is in NA, im from EU. The thing is… Crom is EU server right? So now we need to play on NA and then everyone will be moved to EU… strange ;d

No, that was before 2013, they merged everything to the US, they don’t have servers located in Europe anymore.

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