Dragon armor stats wrong

It’s bad when it takes months to catch a problem as blatant as this but I managed to miss it that long. The armor stat on virtually all my voidforged dragon armor has lower numbers after improving it than it showed at the crafting table. If others are having the same issue it should be looked into but for now I’m making new gear for myself and feeling foolish as can be. I play SP but am staying out of admin panel for this fix just to make a point to myself. Pay Attention and we won’t fill up the forums with our own mistakes! Have a great day everyone.

I don’t understand your post :slight_smile:
What seems to be the issue here?..

Here’s an example of the heavy helmet:
In the bench:

Crafted with a T4 armorer:

Upgraded with some bulked plating:

Oh, actually on second thought I know what’s happening… since you say “months”

It didn’t take you “months to notice”… most likely what happened is that you didn’t know they buffed armor values across the board with 3.0, since they also nerfed the armor protection curve (armor protection is like half as effective now)

So if you made your set prior to 3.0, then yes a newly made set will have more armor on it since the recipe has been buffed, however that doesn’t apply retroactively to already crafted items. It’s not a bug or an issue though… the recipe simply changed so if you want the new and improved values you simply have to craft a new set.

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