Dragon Powder dissapeared?

Game mode: Online official
Type of issue: Bug
Server type: PvP
Region: Oceania
Mods?: No, official server
Edition: Steam
Server: Official server #1973 PvP - g-portal.com

We had almost 1000 dragonpowder which has dissapered from a chest. No authorised or unauthorised chest access shows on logs, log shows us putting DP into the chest but nothing about it coming out. But the chest has no dragonpowder.

Either this is a bug, or a cheater has hacked it out? Chest is locked.

Steps to Reproduce:


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I am in the same situation. Ex-slaves and a lot of things are gone. Server 1337.

Was it only do, as if a hacker could take what they wanted?

Our chest bad also tar and jars in it, all the DP disappeared along with majority of the jars, but most tar remained. So its not like everything in the chest disappeared, only select items vanished.

The missing items are steel reinforcement materials, t3 building materials such as reinforced bricks, attack materials such as dragon powder jar tar, crafting slaves stored in safes or crafting table inventory, perfect linings, god destroyer armor, power fragments, legendary repairs Kits, large armor plates, alchemy raw materials, steel fire, steel ingots, forged steel, reinforced leather, layered silk, crystals and many more are gone. That’s all I can think of, but when I log in, I can only sigh.


Thank you for your report. We’ll reach out to you in private to request more information.

Please check your forum notifications for our direct message.

After the server down this morning, many items disappeared. The T4 maker slaves stored in the safe, items for building destruction, items for building construction, pieces of power, etc. disappeared, and there were slaves placed on the crafting table, but the maker slaves kept in the crafting table inventory disappeared. The Legendary Weapon Repair Kid and Legendary Armor Repair Kid have all disappeared, and the large armor plate has also disappeared.
I’m playing through steam and playing on a 1337 server. The character name is the same as the current name, and the clan name is No war.

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