Dragons In Conan Exiles

When I first faced a dragon in CE for the first time, I was expecting a dragon with wings and breathes fire. This was the green one by the way. I’ve been so used to the usual depiction of dragons.
But anyway, is there a reason why the red/undead dragon are the only ones that breathe fire?

One of the things that originally drew me to this game is that FC stayed very true to Robert E. Howard’s original Conan writings. This includes his depiction of dragons - the green dragons in game look a lot like what he described back in the 1930s.
That said, there is at least one fire-breathing red dragon in the Unnamed City. It’s barbecued me a time or two. :smile:


Weylund is correct. The dragons in the books were very much described as they are depicted in game. These are not your high fantasy dragons we are acustomed too in most RPGs and MMOs where the dragons have wings.

These are just brutal tanks of lizard kind

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