Dramatic loss of performance since the last patch

The game that one day before the patch was running smooth and fluid now is as affected by spike lag…but i’m playing in single player.

Someone else noticed this?

This is a well-known problem, they say they are working on it.

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Does it happen only if you ran in sight range of Mobs that needs moving?

Do it get better in areas without Mobs?

It seems a huge increment of disk usage.

I can confirm even with 70+ frames (UHD 1440p) it still feels laggy.
Inside my base it currently is unplayable even, frames drop to 5 fps.

And I have some decent hardware, which had no problems before the update.

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This seems to be the part of the issues im having.

This game never had good performance. It’s probably caused by BP vs c++ in UE4. I have a AMD5950x RTX3090 and the game runs like crap. I have to set the graphics to low @ 1440p to be able to achieve 144 frames.

Some workaround: if you are playing on single player, try editing the .ini files (BaseScalability, BaseLightmass), and tone down the shadows.
You can find a lot of UE4 .ini editing sites and videos, I will link some later. Sadly there is no all-in-one guide, I scavenged ~15-17 sites/videos to achieve some plus FPS on FHD ultra (except shadows).

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This is weird. I get 160-200 with a i7 8700K and a GTX1080Ti @ 1440p and max settings (occasionally foliage turned off to gather resources I can’t see).

I do see some drops to 120 in areas with large and complex builds. But normal gameplay is much much higher.

How hot is the CPU and GPU getting while running Conan?

Drastic loss of performance since the game started. Each update is making it more of a haven for cheaters and exploiters; while it becomes more of a cess pit for the rest of us

Look at the bottom left in the corner. There is the Steam FPS.

My PC: i9 9900k and RTX 3090 @1440p (no DSR)

Game runs at max settings and this video was even recorded before the last patch.

Temps are 65 for the GPU and 50-60 for the CPU.

This base was built on the broken bridge in the starter river area with around 15k building pieces.

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Lmao, that happened to my brother, funny as hell that was, lol snakin around the floor like that. :slightly_smiling_face:

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