Drastic swings in FPS session to session

I’m having a huge issue with my FPS and I can’t seem to figure out whats going on and I’m hoping someone here can help me out.

I’ve started to notice my frame rate seemed to swing session to session so I started to keep an eye on it. Sure enough, its anywhere from 20 - 30 fps or 50 - 70. So the kicker is it seems to be decided each time I log in. That is, it never switches between those two ranges. it is either in the lower range or upper the entire session. I’ll know what it’s going to be within a few seconds of starting a game.

The other weird thing is changing my video settings don’t do much for framerate. I play on custom which for me is a mix of high and ultra settings. If I drop them to low, the game looks like ■■■ but I get maybe a 5 frame boost, maybe 10.

I killed all the background apps I have. The same as i do every time. Doesn’t seem to have an effect on whether I get the low or high fps bracket. My CPU is is any where from 50 to 80% depending on whats going on but it doesn’t seem pinned or struggling.

Any ideas?

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