Drawbridges - Open/Close

After waiting about outside my base screaming for the $%^&* inside to open the damn drawbridge, and not being able to remotely do it myself (too far away and the fall would kill).

It would be nice if there was some way for Clan members (ONLY) to access their drawbridge from the other side of the gap. Apparently I have designed things too well and, until I managed to destroy a back wall, would have been prevented from getting into my base (or suicide into the base). Vexing.

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I second this. Drawbridges are useless if i have to keep them open while i am away farming or out “clubbing” with the local thralls.

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+1, they’re too much of a hassle to operate. Literally why I nor anyone I know builds with them.

funcom are/were working on making it so thralls can operate doors/drawbridges etc… so if they do bring this out it will solve your issue… till then like me… we are stuck having to keep the gate open :frowning:

would be nice for them to bring in the feature sooner then later, it was planned that they would walk around turning lights on / off depending on time of day to…

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is it true @Tascha?

I’m afraid that’s a big fat “were”, not “are”. Would love to be wrong, but to the best of my knowledge all that died a long time ago.

It is much simpler for me though.

In the same way that I do not accept that, though I bought my car some years back, and my daily requests that they add an ejector seat to the passenger side have been completely ignored or at least politely refused (even though I really, really want it), I have simply continued driving the car. I guess I could walk…but It is a lovely car… :wink:

So in that case, can we at least get a thrall that can do this?


One of my thralls suddenly shot up into space whilst defending me from an irate gorilla (to be fair I would have liked to do that too). Coffee all over the keyboard. I think some came out my nose I laughed so much. Ab-sol-ut-ley love this game! Fun on every level.

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