Drawbridge struggles

So, I’m not sure what the deal is and maybe I just don’t know wth I’m doing but the drawbridge seems totally useless. You can get out of your fortress just fine by pulling the lever but when you come back from exploring, there is no way to open the drawbridge to get back in… ummm… so could there be a fix for this or maybe someone help me know how to get back in?

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add a thrall slot and a new item like a small horn we can use to signal the thrall to open the gate.

How do you add a thrall slot on PS4? When I go to interact with the lever, it only opens and lowers the bridge.

currently you dont
it was a suggestion to the devs to add it to the game

Who closes it when you leave?

Yeah, the current drawbridge build is mainly useless once you’re outside and it’s up. Equipping a Thrall (or two) to open for Clan members would be ideal. I use a double drawbridge between two towers for defense and leave them down whilst out. Risky, but throwing lots of thralls inside keeps things nasty for raiders.