Let thralls control gates and drawbridge

I think it would help with horses and even building, if gates and drawbridges could use thralls to operate them, letting the owner pick who to open it for. (examples clan, you, or anyone)

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the issue with this is that it could easily accidentally open bases to raiders and purges,

I agree completely, and if you had settings on the gate/drawbridge, the thralls could not open it except for clan member. If your clan members are dumb enough to open the gate, that’s on them.

Love that idea. Plus add another pull chain at the end of the drawbridge (where it extends to) so you could open it from the outside, but locked to only clan members.

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I would also add settings for the gate/bridge to remain open. If you are in an area frequented by enemies, you could reduce the timer. This works great on ARK. Otherwise, you can increase the time the gate/bridge is left open to other clan members to enter.

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Would fix the problem, if you could interact with some objects while riding a horse :stuck_out_tongue:

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