Drop Back Pack in Death

There are configurations in the Admin right now for this but not working.

For private Servers, what do all of you think about the option to keep gear your wearing while dropping back pack in death. I have a load of new casual prayers who wants this.

PS you can’t kill yourself and transport loot home.
Keep only equipped gear on death and drop everything else.

I always keep everything on death, both on my server and in my singleplayer games. I play this game to have fun, and corpse runs are not fun for me.

Personally I like death to come with a potential loss, it adds to the importance of actually surviving. I do know of other players who would love it if death was less costly.


When I had that option enabled in Singleplayer mode, I used it as a cheesing way to transport resources back to my base. Some of your casual players may find it convenient and not abuse it the way I did, though.

Same. I want to receive the darwin award, so to speak, when I do something foolish and end up dead. I’d still love to see a permadeath option where respawn doesn’t exist, but that’s a separate topic.


I think the OP means the server setting (which doesn’t currently work) that would enable you to keep your armor loaded out/ equipped wheel, but lose all the other stuff in your inventory on death. So essentially, when you die you don’t loose everything just the extra stuff you were carrying. This would prevent you from using death as a cheap means of transporting materials or yourself without some loss of equipment.

Personally I think this would be a really good setting for more casual players that would disable some of the cheeseyness currently prevalent on no drop on death servers and would still afford some penalty for death which for me keeps things fun. Fun but not gruelling essentially.

I prefer the thrill of losing everything myself, but do wish there was an in between option available.


Oh ok. You’re right. I misunderstood the OP. So basically, the items in your hotbar are safe upon death, but if you were carrying 60 stacks of stone, it’s all gone. Yeah, that would probably be a great option for casual players. If the other materials you were carrying are important enough, you still have the option to retrieve it without crafting new armor & weapons for the journey. It’s a good compromise.


This is where followers come in handy, when I gather s metal ore I make sure to load it onto my horse, that way if I do something stupid and end up dead my horse will eventually return home with the ore :slightly_smiling_face:

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