PVP option. Drop inventory on death but keep equipped gear

What do you think about PVP drop everything on death except your equipped gear and the armor, weapons you’re wearing and consumables in the hot bar.

Getting PVPers from other games to joins. Fights are fun but they don’t stay long as no one wants to regrind the gear.

Play Conan for awhile and notice most people don’t participate in PVP. They just don’t want to loose gear and have to regrind it. You may say why not just all of you play private server and keep all loot on death. But that’s another problem. Less engagements because people just kill themselves to port home. So the solution is drop all inventory except the equipped items.

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Nope losing kit is GREAT! I personally would prefer to see MORE and a lasting penalties for death. Like say a 5 min respawn and near full corruption bar. Stop people zerg rushing with cheap daggers ect.

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It just depends on how you want the game to play. Some people like dropping all and others like keep all or keep belt. Let’s be clear though, these options fundamentally change the gameplay. And because it’s so entirely different you will likely get very healthy preference splits. Me, I like both. I like keep belt when it’s open field clan vs. clan in largess and I like drop all in raids or in adventuring.

New sorcery armor may turn that on its head. Waiting and seeing what happens on 3.0 release. Have my popcorn and drinks ready.

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This would make for boring pvp

Yes, how can we make blood porting an even more viable tactic… that is a jest.

No, this one already finds death exceedingly trivial in this game.
Besides, there is now a dark magic for retrieving one’s corpse.

As an admin option, having one keep their loot when they-
Oh, wait, that’s already in the panel!
With that said, as with many server settings/admin toggles, this own would prefer if officials had different settings. So some could have death is even cheaper enabled.

Seems like not dropping stuff on death with extra steps. I’m not necessarily against it, but I would point out that the most valuable stuff that drops are literally the armor and the hotbar.

If all someone is going to drop is plant fiber, stone, and unprocessed iron. What’s the point?


Doesn’t fit the model FC has…which isn’t named correctly but based on amount of risk you are willing to take in playing
1)PVE-No risk. You cannot engage in combat with players, thralls or do building damage
2)PVE-C Slight risk, You can engage in combat with players but no building damage
3) PVP significant risk, you can engage in combat with playerr and there is building damage

So where does your idea fit into this or do you think this system needs to be blown up and have 2 different variables leading to four different play styles.

  1. No player damage(PD), No Building Damage(BD)
  2. PD, no BD
    3.No PD, BD
  3. PD, BD.

gotta say I wouldn’t understand where #3 would fit. You can blow stuff up but can’t be stopped doing it.

I do think it odd that more inventory is not destroyed in the fight and resulting killing blow . That last hit if on the armor should do major durability damage right up to completely breaking pieces of it , thus requiring the killer to have to repair it to use it later.

Elden Ring PvP is really fun.For some reason it feels riskier and more exciting to pvp in Elden ring and yet you don’t drop anything other than your pride. Conan Exile has potential.


There is a really awesome mod called Lament that does this. Allows you to configure what items to drop on death along with additional penalties like a configurable amount of corruption gain (can even be limited to only apply to higher level players), also has a configurable armor durability loss on death etc.

I do think that the option for these things should’ve been implemented in the base game to begin with, even if they choose to configure their official servers a certain way and don’t use all the features, having all these options available for servers would be awesome.


Lament? Where can I get this mod?

Obviously like all mods, the server you’re playing on has to have it installed too, so that rules out officials

That is pretty cool I have to say.

Could even have a REAL hardcore server where character death is perma.

But that has some very cool options and devs should have a look.

Yeah no, i havnt read the other posts, but when i attack someone its for what i can see. Also as a smaller clan our first step is to wear down meta gear sets… by (jumping you when your doing other things, if your on par so to speak with us, and your in greater number)

Thank you. I play private server and have not and will never play official since

Im against this idea for PvP on officials now for privates sure. Knock yourself out but officials need to have all drop to make risk a thing and reard work… also note the pvec would work bettet with this idea. Pvp players love the loot mechanic it is what makes pvp… pvp

Would be a good option for softcore PvP servers, a new server type.


Then you would also have hardcore PvP servers with full loot on.


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I also don’t like losing my gear, but I’m a solo player, if I raid one or even 2 or 3 players, if they don’t lose their gear they will end up killing me

Imagine if a guy doesn’t lose his gear, he’ll always come to your door to annoy you…

Basically it’s a good idea, but in shape no

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