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A question to ask; how do people feel about equipped items wont drop in pvp on death but lets say all ur inventory/buffs, pots, foods etc would?

for pvp, i have asked about this as well.

It would remove some of the all or nothing when losing a fight, meaning less rage quits because hours of farming gone in 5 minutes.

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Basically you keep yourbwheel and armor, but inventory would be lootable.

It’s a bit PVE for my liking. One of the reasons we play on pvp servers is because the risk of losing everything adds a needed level of excitement.

I’m not the best pvper in the world, but literally all of my 1600 or so hours in the game have been on pvp servers, most of that time official. For me - if there’s no risk, there’s no excitement, but also it takes away from any reward.

I tried Pve conflict briefly but not being able to steal from partially opened bases, or know that if i wanted to i could open a base, it just detracted from the experience.

While yes fighting someone without any risk of losing my gear would still be exciting and would on one hand encourage me to go looking for fights, on the other, I imagine most other folk looking for the same would be carrying barely beyond the gear they know they cant lose, so very little reason to.

There’s no right or wrong with this kind of thing, every person has their own preference but for me, it’s the warts and all environment of full loot loss pvp - and i can tell you, there’s plenty of warts.


It varies game to game to me… or just my mood.

Pretty sure be a huge spilt on players of different play styles.

Its one of those things, if it was default feature from start of game, and everyone had agree to it. Its there.
Adding it after is just kinda… putting a hammer to some people hands. =/

Nothing to lose… your inclined to get into Fights.
Something to Lose,…your weighing options on fleeing.

Imo there would still be everything to loose im talking 5 pieces that cant be looted ur base can still be wiped and all of ur mass produced gear would still be grabbed.
The reason for me asking this is because solos dont stand a chance & the entry to pvp needs to be easier.

Lets make a scenario: a solo player gets his/hers base nuked plus gets killed in the proces, all current inventory which may presist of 1-3 weapons, buffs & food etc gone.
Chests, vaults, stations, thralls and everything ur stations containts, such as dp, weapons, tools, buffs, pots, etc gone.
U have officially been reseted but u remain allowed w a set of armor to start for new.
I like to play solo & i can stick to god wiping people but I do like myself some golden combat now & then and all of my armor is not crafted.

Not that i disagree.

Just be clear, its 5 pieces that wont be looted. And as u said it might get people to participate in pvp more, Now im talking pvp battles, like 3v3 or so on.
The reason i bring it up is because it is very hard for solo players to participate into battles.
Sure they can god wipe people but in my eyes there is more to conan than that.

As i replied to another comment here, im not asking for a pve-c solution like u cant empty stations if u raid someone im talking a set of armor that cant be looted if equipped

Agree but i just think ur 5 pices of armor equipped would be fair to keep. Weapons, buffs, foods, etc


As the inventory system works now? I dunno.

I think I would prefer if we had more equipment slots. Maybe 2-3 for weapons and such. And then have anything ‘equipped’ in that fashion not drop. That way there is a bit of rhyme and reason to it.

But to be honest, there isn’t anything that isn’t really irreplaceable so I don’t think this fits to be honest. There’s not much penalty for failure in Conan for the character themselves.

But for some especially considering solo players fighting against Clans on horses & multiple armors it would be Nice to keep just the equipped armor pieces.

One would still loose weapons, foods, buffs etc.

For me just winning a fight is enough I dont need to loot hoard ro just Throw my enemys armor on the Ground after i fight him. Unfortunantly it is what most players do & it leads to servers dying.

In pvp the penalty for a new clan vs one with vaults of kits is what causes quick dips. Once you lose a battle in your furst week, you have 2 choices put in 30 more hours and hope the other clan lets you rebuild or quit.

After the first fight, having to take a vacation from your real job justvto try and have a rematch is stupid pvp mechanics.

Why many pvp players just quit and play battle arena games.

I like it better before when it didnt auto equip when in the middle of a fight. That is unfair to the players that are offensive.

Clan vs Clan (solo is effectively a clan of 1) is a social/cooperative issue.

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I mainly made the topic for the issue of ganking 5v1

The issue is any advantage you give a single player is also given to the group by a magnitude equal to slightly more than the number of players in question (due to the benefits cooperation naturally gives).

If you’re a single person, or a small group trying to deal with a larger one. They have a larger industrial base naturally (due to members being able to specialize their tasks). If on the off chance you take one down, and they do not drop their stuff, you get nothing for it.

The best way of dealing with larger teams of people is not through game mechanics, but to acknowledge their advantage and mitigate it through a personal level. In this sense, I doubt you are playing on a six man server where its you vs the world. You’re likely playing on a server where the five are self contained and there are various other groups of people, some solo like yourself and some in small groups. Organizing a mutual defense is an option. As well as various other non-combative means of dealing with the larger group.

But then again, this is why I said it is more of a cooperative and social issue, not so much one for the game itself.

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On a very personal level, this one infinitely prefers the loss of everything in inventory, hotbar/wheel, ect … upon death.
Especially for PvP.

This one runs solo almost exclusively. If this one does engage with the foe directly and manage to off them, then this one wants all the spoils.
A minor inconvenience for them (or not if it is Siptah gear on an Exiled Lands server), but a premium boon to the victor.

Furthermore, this one would prefer blood porting (teleportation via strategic suicide to bounce between bed, bedroll, and general spawn) to have at least the sting of complete loss of all carried everything.

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I think hardest thing get in this game is armor certain weapon can be as well.

I would like armor and gear that u select stays on your body but take 75% damage

that is definently a good perspective.

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