Drowning while loading the game

Game mode: PvE 3890
Problem: Load in Drowning
Region: US

We meet again @Ignasi,

My blue screens have been reduced to once or twice per session, instead of ten times. Thanks for that. But, and however, this is referring to the load in. Twice this weekend, while loading the game, my character was sinking/falling in water for several seconds before the game fully loaded, and I appeared standing on my bed, in my house, in the desert, a long way away from any body of water. Don’t know what the deal was, but my health bar was diminishing as if I was drowning. Not sure if anyone has seen this.

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Hey @speedice

Could you let us know where specifically in the map you’re experiencing this problem ?
Thanks :slight_smile:

Our main fort where this happened is on the plateau in the center of F5, just west of the Corner of Bones, across from Lester, the King Scorpion.

Thanks for the information @speedice
We’ll send it to our team and see what’s happening there :slight_smile:

The drown in happened one more time on Monday, March 25, but not on Tuesday.

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