Duda sobre 2.3,5 (2.4) New DLC. -.-

Since Currently We Abandoned and promised NOTHING of 2.3 without Siptha (Console) O.o

The Alleged 2.3 Update to Console will include this?
the Rhinos Mount?

and finally.

The DLC they are preparing: Developer Stream Recap: March 12th, 2021

NEW armor and Weapons … (Dragonbone and more)

Dennis, Said and later corrected if saying ? this is normal¿? o Troll and cheat for gamers.

New Dragonbone armor sets (Dennis said all 3 sets will come in 2.3, however he later messaged me and corrected it saying that the Heavy set will come in 2.3, and Medium and Light in 2.4)

Conclusion, the Console Update is 2.3 or 2.1? this was discussed at Developer Stream Recap: October 23rd, 2020 (22.10.20)

Thank. Funcom every day closer to us (irony)

The recap you linked says near the top that the 2.3 patch for console will not include Siptah.

Thanks, confirmed that none of this:

will be available no (2.1)
But they are going to update us to 2.3, right?
I am the only one who does not understand how they will update us to * 2.3 * but without its content. :stuck_out_tongue:
I am not like Dennis. I say and then correct. Be sincere and stop trolling and cheating.

Because there are other things in 2.3 that aren’t exclusively Siptah.

As for your complaints about Dennis… really? The dude is allowed to accidentally give slightly the wrong information, realize his error, and then send that correction to me SPECIFICALLY so people are aware of said correction.

How is that “trolling” exactly? Actually never mind, this is so rediculous I don’t even want to try. You do you.

Like you said, ** Dennis is not guilty ** but the high officials of the game should be more sincere. I remind you that thanks to the sale of the last DLC that came out on PC and console (without any improvement update) they raised and created Siptha (Early Access Exclusive) PC *
1 year later the consoles remain = and the game is still on sale in the PS and XboX Stores. DO NOT LIE, NOR DECEIVE. The Console Community is very Disgusted and Funcom is not being anything serious.

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